British Columbian MLA hopeful calls for a 'return to sanity'

BC Libertarian candidate Jason Bax is vying for a seat in the B.C. legislature, running on a platform of free choice, upholding basic human rights, and lowering the cost of living through tax deductions.

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With the Surrey South byelection in its final days, today I’m bringing you an interview with Jason BaxBax is an MLA hopeful with the BC Libertarians.

“They called a snap election and the voting started right away. The final day to vote is September 10,” he reminds voters.

Bax informs me that “libertarians are the original liberal, the classic liberals,” although in a way that strongly upholds the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. A libertarian stands for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

“We stand for everything that Charter stands for guaranteed by the Supreme Court of Canada. We stand for your free uncoerced choice and we stand for the principle of non-aggression; meaning my body, my choice,” he details.

He chose to run in the election because in 2020, Bax recognized that “unprecedented restrictions would lead to unprecedented harm” and he “was concerned that the restrictions would lead to more harm than good.”

Touching on the health-care crisis currently being experienced by every province in Canada, Bax points out that every decision that the government has made has led to the very thing that they were trying to prevent.

“We have hospitals that are in a state of chaos at the moment. We have [unacceptable] wait times for ambulances” where people are waiting hours for emergency response. That is, if an ambulance ever comes.

Bax is campaigning on a platform that calls for the “rehiring of our heroes” and putting an end “to the B.C. health-care monopoly.”

The platform is centred around free choice.

In wake of the increased cost of living and with inflation out of control, Bax wants to repeal the carbon tax.

“The government cannot balance a cheque book. How can we expect them to fix the environment with the tax?”

In summary, “I'm standing for essentially basic human rights, basic dignity. I'm standing for lowering the cost of living through something that is controllable — that is, lowering our taxes that are going away for services that we're not getting in return.”

It’s a return to sanity.

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