Burgers for freedom! Whistle Stop Cafe packed as lockdown rebellion brings community together

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I spent the entire weekend at the rebellious little Whistle Stop Cafe in Mirror Alberta, documenting the bravery of the owner, the dedication of the staff, and the enthusiasm of the customers.

They made it to Monday without a fine or having the locks changed.

Chris Scott, owner of the little diner and attached gas station in this central Alberta town of 500 people, reopened his doors to dine in service in defiance of the lockdown restrictions on his business last Thursday.

And the place has been packed ever since with hungry people looking for a taste of normalcy. A local rancher even delivered a donation of beef to keep Chris' grill full.

The police have been patrolling, gathering information about lockdown violations for Alberta Health Services, which issued a closure notice soon after Scott made his defiant act of survival.

Rebel News has promised Chris, his staff, and of his customers that if they receive fines for having civil disobedient burger, we will help fight those fines in court.

To help with Rebel News' largest civil liberties project to date, please donate at www.FightTheFines.com.

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  • By David Menzies


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