Busty Lemieux back at school, boob-free: Why isn't this nutjob fired for lying about a disability?

Ontario’s milquetoast minister of education, Steven Lecce, remains missing in action when it comes to laying down the law and restoring normalcy on this issue.

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Well, we have another — ahem — development to report on pertaining to the Boob Beat…

Yes, the Kerry-Luc Lemieux/Kayla Lemieux/Busty Lemieux circus is back in town. And he/she/it is ready to dole out another heapin’ helpin’ of perversity to young Ontarians, this time those attending a secondary school in Hamilton.

Already, the international media ranging from the New York Post to the UK’s Daily Mail are reporting that much like Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th, just when you think the maniac has permanently exited stage right, he inexplicably returns to active duty.

And so it is that Busty Lemieux is coming off the bench, his new stomping grounds for putting on the tits — er, I mean, putting on the Ritz — being Nora Frances Henderson Secondary School in Hamilton.

Poor Hamilton…

By the way, not to blow our own horn here, but we were way ahead of this story.

In June, we were tipped off that Lemieux was being “traded”, so to speak, from the Halton District School Board to the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board. Of course, the woke cowards at both boards would neither “confirm nor deny” any info about the Busty One.

Privacy and confidentiality, you see… yeah, the prime directive of these school boards is ensuring privacy rights for a man who might be suffering from a mental illness such as autogynephilia. Oh well… in the name of diversity, equity, and inclusion, better to expose this inappropriately attired nutbar to minors rather than taking a proper and civil stance and sending this grotesque caricature of a woman packing.

Say, are there any freak shows still in operation these days?

As I predicated back in June, my experience in the journalism business is that when the powers-that-be say they can neither “confirm nor deny,” nine times out of 10 that ambiguous statement means that the rumours are indeed true.

And here we are, a new school year kicking off, and Lemieux is back like a bad case of COVID.

Questions abound, though. Such as: what was in it for the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board to employ this catastrophe? We understand Lemieux used to work here, but given the fiasco he created in Oakville, who in their right mind would want this sort of distraction at their school?

And for that matter, will Lemieux be boob-free or boobed up for this school year?

Yeah, yeah, yeah — he told the New York Post back in February that contrary to popular belief, those massive mammary glands are NOT props; rather those breasts are real. You see, he started developing at 38. He has a rare medical condition — like, one in 8 billion maybe? But on the day before Good Friday this year, Lincoln Jay and I busted the Busty One, big time, coming out of a Hudson’s Bay store, breastless.

Anyway, you’d think our video evidence would’ve been grounds for dismissal with cause. After all, Lemieux lied to his employers about a medical condition. But no. Because this is potentially a trans matter (even though the trans community wants nothing to do with this grifter), the school board employees and the school principals and teachers’ unions and for that matter, the Ontario College of Teachers — well, they’re all down with the radical trans revolution.

To paraphrase Orwell, all people are equal but trans-people, even fake trans people, are more equal than others, you see…

By the way, we did reach out again to Nora Frances Henderson Secondary School. Apparently, principal Tom Fisher is curled up in the fetal position in the staff room these days. Our calls were directed to Kevin Robinson. Oh, he was so helpful!

As for Boobzilla himself, we emailed him queries months ago; he’s never responded.

But this just in: just a few hours prior to broadcast, the Daily Mail scored another scoop on the Lemieux story on September 1. Namely, a Daily Mail reporter caught Lemieux near the school — breast free!

Lemieux had nothing to say. But then again, how do you justify the unjustifiable?

Yet the question arises: are we out of the woods, folks? Or maybe Lemieux is, you know, gender-fluid? He’s a dude in man’s clothing now, but who’s to say if one of these days, he might revert back to Boobzilla yet again — much like how Dr. Bruce Banner morphs into the Incredible Hulk when he gets angry.

And get this, folks, it might be best that you keep your distance from the Busty One because he’s apparently feeling a little frisky these days. Lemieux has a profile on Match.com. Lemieux, dolled up more than ever before, is looking for a soul mate. Oh, Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art though?

And still, even at this late hour, Ontario’s milquetoast minister of education, Steven Lecce, remains missing in action when it comes to laying down the law and restoring normalcy.

Hey, maybe Lecce thinks nothing is wrong here? Or maybe Lecce supports transanity? For all we know, Lecce might even be a member of the radicalized queer community? If so, wow — what a boob!

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