Busty Lemieux BUSTED again! And the teachers’ union is furious about it! Does anyone have the phone number for Ripley’s Believe it or Not?

Lincoln Jay had his cellphone confiscated and thrown against a wall; meanwhile, I was brutally shoved into locked doors.

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There is apparently a one-of-a-kind medical marvel residing in Burlington, Ont., a man who grows enormous Z-cup-sized breasts… only to have those mammary glands completely recede… only to have those boobs grow back to their full Z-cup glory — all in a matter of weeks!

Incredible! We speak of Kerry Luc/Kayla Lemieux, the Oakville Trafalgar High School shop teacher who made headlines the world over when he decided to come to class last September dressed as a grotesque caricature of a female — giant breasts, a blonde wig, and tight bicycle shorts. What a professional!

Parents were outraged, students were disgusted, but the limp-wristed educrats at the Halton District School Board said there was nothing they could do about this gross spectacle. In fact, they even refused to enforce a dress code — you know, similar to the dress code that exists for HDSB students. The board’s final solution? Simply pay Lemieux to stay home, collecting full salary and benefits, and hope this public relations disaster would go away. Well… fat chance.

Lemieux’s litany of lying went into overdrive in February when he granted an exclusive interview to the New York Post. The Post had earlier caught Lemieux on camera without his enormous prosthetic breasts. As well, he was wearing male clothing in those photographs. (Lemieux denied he was the person in the photos, but would not specify who that person was.)

And to bolster his claims of mistaken identity, Lemieux dropped a bombshell. Namely, he told the Post it was impossible for him to resemble a male because contrary to popular belief, those Z-cup breasts were not drag queen props but actual REAL mammary glands!

That’s right, according to Lemieux, he has a very rare medical condition (that only afflicts biological women, but never mind) and allegedly he started to “develop” at 39.

Even if that is true, Lemieux could still wear appropriate clothing to teach shop glass rather than a clingy blouse (with nipples always protruding). But apparently that is too much of an ask — and the awful educrats at the woke-joke Halton District School Board refused to implement a teacher dress code for fear of coming across as being “transphobic” — even though Lemieux himself says he’s not transgendered.

But alas, thanks to a chance encounter in early April at Burlington’s Mapleview Mall, the jig was up for the Busty one. That’s because two Rebel News staffers (myself and Lincoln Jay) found Lemieux shopping at the mall’s Hudson’s Bay store. But get this: Lemieux was dressed as a male. No bike shorts, no blonde wig, and most surprisingly of all, no Z-cup boobs!

But how can this be? Lemieux is on record as saying those boobs are the real McCoy. Was he lying about that? Or did he recently have his breasts amputated — and if that is the case, he certainly made a remarkably quick recovery.

Lemieux was not happy at be spotted by Rebel News staffers while clad in male attire sans boobs. And like a rat deserting a sinking ship, he left his Mazda behind in the mall parking lot, hailing an Uber for his getaway ride. When we asked him, “Where are your breasts?” Lemieux simply covered his face in shame and made no comment.

Now in hindsight, let’s all pretend those breasts were real. Conceivably, between February and April, Lemieux could’ve had those massive mammary glands amputated. It is highly improbable — but not impossible.

So then, how does one explain the sensational sight Rebel News encountered at the Burlington Holiday Inn on Tuesday?

That’s when we saw Lemieux attending a meeting staged by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation. But get this: Lemieux was once again donning female attire — AND those gargantuan Z-cup breasts were back!

What a growth spurt, given that only six weeks ago, he was as flat as a board. Or did he undergo a breast augmentation operation? Or maybe — and most likely — Lemieux was donning strap-on props? Hey, we purchased the exact same set of fake ta-tas last October for $500 on eBay…So it is we caught Lemieux lying. Again. But that was expected.

What we didn’t expect was to be violently assaulted by uber-woke math teacher Jamie Mitchell (he’s one of those loony progressives who believes that 2+ 2 does not necessarily equal 4…) Lincoln Jay had his cellphone confiscated and thrown against a wall; meanwhile, I was brutally shoved into locked doors.

Several other teachers surrounded Lemieux to… protect him from impolite questions? It was astonishing. Clearly this teachers’ union, much like the HDSB, is on the side of a teacher who appears to be a sexual pervert!

This is how bad things have devolved when it comes to our publicly-funded schools… not that Ontario’s milquetoast Minister of Education Stephen Lecce seems to give a rodent’s rectum.

Bottom line: the HDSB must terminate the grifter Lemieux (with cause) for lying about a supposed medical condition. As for the handsy math teacher Mr. Mitchell? See you in court.

This thuggish SJW needs to be taught a lesson; namely, that acting out violently against members of the press is illegal — and that there are consequences for breaking the law, even if 2 + 2 does not necessarily equal 4…

Please chip in at www.StandWithMenzies.com to support our lawsuit against Jamie Mitchell, the woke math teacher who violently shoved me for reporting on Kayla Lemieux.

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