Busty Lemieux busted! The 'trans' shop teacher dresses as a male when not in class

'Lemieux recently emailed me to say that the Post got it wrong; that he is not the guy in the grey sweatpants and blue vest,' David said.

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It would appear that Kerry Luc Lemieux, a.k.a., Kayla Lemieux, a.k.a., Busty Lemieux – you know, that humanoid with the enormous Z-cup breasts complete with blouse-penetrating nipples – well, apparently, he has an alter-ego. Much like how Clark Kent and Superman are one in the same, sometimes Lemieux dresses as a drag queen (during class, that is); other times he doffs the fake boobs and dons male haberdashery (when he is living his life out of the classroom, that is).

And this just in: those mammoth mammary glands he straps on? Turns out those humungous hooters are real, not fake props – well, at least according to Lemieux.

This most recent information comes via the New York Post, which recently sent a team of journalists north of the border to hunt down The Great Canadian Boobzilla in its natural habitat. And they were successful.

First things first: it would appear that Lemieux – who, we’ve been told by his woke enablers at the Halton District School Board – is allegedly transitioning from a male into a female. That’s the excuse offered for Lemieux dressing as a wannabe drag queen when he’s teaching shop class at Oakville Trafalgar High School.

So how odd is it that when he’s off the clock, off comes the wig, the makeup and those pendulous breasts.

Check out the following photos: first, the husky fellow with a gray shirt and a blue vest. He doesn’t really stand out from any other du rigueur dude you might happen across.

Now check out this photo of Busty Lemieux sporting a new red and black ensemble as he heads to shop class. And the New York Post is adamant: those two people are one in the same.

"The teacher — who until a few years ago went by the name Kerry — left Ontario’s Oakville Trafalgar High School this week wearing the gigantic breasts, a blond wig and glasses, but it wasn’t long until the cartoonish clothing came off."

“After shopping at a department store and pet supplies shop dressed as a woman, Lemieux headed home to get changed and emerged dressed as a man 30 minutes later."

“Lemieux then spent the afternoon in public wearing men’s sweatpants, trainers, a gray T-shirt and a navy puffer vest without breasts, makeup, glasses or wig.”

Oh-oh, Lemieux – looks like you’re busted! No pun intended.

And if Lemieux is only a part-time transvestite, then this pokes yet another zeppelin-sized hole in his sordid saga. That’s because we’ve been told by Lemieux’s allies at the Halton District School Board that Lemieux is a man genuinely transitioning into a woman. Case closed. Move along, move along. Nothing to see here. And if you dare ask impolite questions, well you’re obviously a “transphobe.”

But if this transition is on the level, why does HE only “transition” into a SHE primarily during work hours? As we’ve long speculated, could this be a prank in which the HDSB is the target? Or maybe Lemieux is suffering from mental illness?

But get this: I’ve been reaching out to Lemieux via phone, email and even personal visits to the school and his Burlington condo since September. I’ve never received a response. Until now. Which is to say, Lemieux recently emailed me to say that the Post got it wrong; that he is not the guy in the grey sweatpants and blue vest.

My follow up email was as follows:

Thanks for getting back to me, K. Lemieux.

Would you happen to know the identity of this man? As well, can you kindly send me a photo of yourself in typical male attire? Also, why does the New York Post believe this to be you if it isn’t?

Alas, radio silence.

But I also reached out to Jack Morphet, one of the Post journalists responsible for the most recent Lemieux stories. He had this to say: QUOTE: “Hey mate, I am certain beyond doubt. Not only looks alike but was driving Kayla’s car out of Lemieux’s apartment parking lot. And had shopping bags Lemieux was seen carrying as a woman earlier. Plus I have it independently confirmed by two people.”

Well, that’s good enough for me, folks.

But perhaps I am guilty of burying the lede here. Because the next day, the Post published a story that was perhaps even more of a bombshell: Lemieux agreed to meet with the Post journalists at a Burlington café. I’m sure they thought Lemieux was going to come clean given the photographic evidence. But no – Lemieux doubled-down on his insanity.

You see, he stated that not only does he not remove his breasts from time to time – but that those boobs are actually the real McCoy! That’s right, those sweater-stretchers are not silicone strap-ons, but are actually real mammary glands!

“Lemieux — who wore women’s clothing, with a blond wig, makeup and her enormous breasts — said she’s ‘not a transgendered person’ but was born ‘intersex.’"

“’My condition is classified as gigantomastia, which can also be referred to as macromastia or breast hypertrophy,’ Lemieux said during a sit-down at a cafe in Burlington."

“’It’s rare, there’s no doubt about it. It affects women on a very rare basis, but in my case, I believe — and my doctor thinks — because I have XX chromosomes as well, that has something to do with it, and hormone sensitivity to estrogen has caused it.’"

“When pressed for proof, Lemieux — who spoke in a soft, high-pitched voice with a pronounced Canadian accent — said she’d never received a formal diagnosis.”

Well, of course he didn’t provide proof. Of course he didn’t receive a formal diagnosis. That’s because proof does not exist. That’s because gigantomastia only afflicts biological women, not a dude pretending to be a woman.

And seriously, does anyone on the planet – male, female or other – believe this rubbish? That Lemieux developed Z-cup breasts at the age of 39? Talk about a late bloomer… And what’s next? Is Lemieux going to claim he has a bun in the oven and that he will soon be going on mat leave?

But let’s all pretend those breasts are real, then riddle me this: why would Lemieux dress in a class full of minors in such a sexualized and inappropriate manner?

So now the question arises: are those pathetically politically correct and woefully woke educators at the HDSB going to continue to protect this circus sideshow act now that Lemieux himself admits he is not a transgendered person? Or will the HDSB do the right thing and enforce a dress code – much like the one that already exists for the students?

Currently, these school board nitwits say they’re still looking into the legality of enforcing a dress code. And they are working on this at a pace that resembles molasses going uphill in winter. Seriously, it’s been six months already. Dou think they will render a decision before or after the second coming of Christ?

But with Lemieux’s recent pronouncements in the New York Post, maybe something more than a dress code is needed – maybe this individual must be mandated to sit down with a psychiatrist. For that matter, maybe the trustees and staff at the HDSB need the same treatment, too.

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  • By David Menzies

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