Calgary Black Lives Matter mural moves to Chinatown; residents want to maintain Chinese heritage

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After widespread outcry following a Rebel News investigation into the Calgary mural scandal, where radical Mayor Naheed Nenshi planned to grant $120,000 to a Black Lives Matter surrogate to paint over a longstanding Calgary art installation, BLM decided to move the project location  to Chinatown.

As of Thursday a wall adjacent to the Chinese Cultural Centre is now being painted by Katie Green, a white “artist.” Green specializes in painting obese women with inflamed vulvas but took up this new project aimed at empowering black artists.

“It’s right on the wall, it’s not beautiful,” one Chinese Calgarian said after looking at the mural.

It is not clear who is funding the mural project or why they decided to take space away from the Chinese community, in an area that is designated to preserving their cultures and tradition.

Around 600 Chinese Canadians died while constructing the Canadian railroad that built western Canada.

A grand total of zero black individuals died while slaves in Alberta, which matches the total of zero slaves that have ever existed in Alberta. The BLM insurgency that is burning down the United States has no legs to stand on in Alberta.

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