Calgary councillors call for investigation in Trudeau Liberals' meddling in rezoning bylaw process

Calgary councillor Dan McLean joins Rebel News reporter Adam Soos to discuss his and his colleagues' efforts to investigate potential meddling by the Trudeau Liberals in Calgary's rezoning bylaw process.

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The federal government’s Housing Accelerator Fund committed $228 million to the city of Calgary, hoping to increase the city’s housing supply by nearly 42,000 units by 2026.

That funding has factored into a number of contentious conversations in the province of Alberta.

For starters, the Trudeau Liberals are dealing directly with municipalities instead of the province, overstepping clearly defined jurisdictions in an effort to push their agenda. But there is another issue at play, one that calls into question whether the federal funding undermined the due process of municipal politics in the city and pressured councillors to vote in favour of the bylaw.

During the city's application for this Housing Accelerator Fund money, the city, as Mayor Jyoti Gondek has acknowledged, committed to “attempt a zoning change.”

With city council voting 9-6 in favour of the rezoning bylaw, despite immense backlash, many were left scratching their heads as to the motivations of the nine who voted in favour, and many more were left wondering to what extent the $228 million in federal funding weighed in to councillors’ decision to set the loudly voiced will of the people aside.

Calgary city councillors Dan McLean, Sonya Sharp and Andre Chabot are calling for an audit into the events that led up to the staunchly opposed blanket rezoning motion being passed, and for light to be cast upon any potential impropriety, with particular attention to whether clandestine commitments to force the rezoning through were made in secret.

The investigation will also hopefully bring clarity to some of the apparent backtracking by Mayor Gondek as well as federal Housing Minister Sean Fraser, who councillor McLean says both stated that the federal funding was contingent upon the city passing the rezoning bylaw previously. Both now deny this was ever the case.

Rebel News was joined by Calgary Ward 13 Councillor Dan McLean to learn more about he and his colleagues’ efforts to request a formal audit to see if everything was indeed above board when it comes to this matter, or if backroom dealings contributed to Calgary’s rezoning scandal.

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