“Call the cops” — they're supposed to enforce mask EXEMPTIONS, too! Man fined $500 at bar

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The masked madness continues, as this mandate is being heavily enforced on one side but entirely disregarded on the other. Mask exemptions seem to be clearly laid out in all provincial and municipal orders, and yet, time and time again we are seeing that businesses aren’t respecting them, and enforcement is increasingly heavy handed.

Deven Taylor, a former welding professor at Fanshawe College in London, Ont., is one of our latest FightTheFines.com cases. London police fined him $500 in November 2020 under By-Law PH-20.

Deven was attempting the outlandish act of shooting a game of pool, by himself, at the Alibi Roadhouse, when police were called under the guise of mask noncompliance. Police forcibly removed him from the establishment, handcuffed him and threw Deven in the back of a cruiser.

His ticket notes that he is being fined under section 10 of the by-law, which states “Every Person shall wear a Face Covering before entering and while inside an Establishment.”

However, this seems to disregard the sections that follow — namely sections 12 and 13, which note:

“Notwithstanding sections 10 and 11 of this By-law, the following Persons shall be exempt from wearing a Face Covering…”

Various mask exemptions are then outlined, before the law continues on with section 13, stating that “no Person shall be required to provide proof of any of the exemptions set out in section 12.”

Follow Rebel News to find out how these orders hold up in front of the courts.

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