Can your province share your medical records with Justin Trudeau?

The prime minister put the pressure on Canada's provinces to create a vaccine passport by offering a $1B in federal funds to develop the system.

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At a recent campaign stop in Ontario, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau encouraged Premier Doug Ford to issue a vaccine passport, suggesting that provinces will receive federal funding to cover the cost of developing and rolling out the program.

Following that speech from Trudeau, Premier Ford's government quickly announced their intention to create a vaccine passport system.

On a recent Rebel News DAILY Livestream, Ezra Levant wondered about the logistics and legality of province's sharing patients health data with the federal government.

Speculating about the federal government's ability to get involved on this issue, Ezra said:

I think that health information is in the hands of the provinces and I think Alberta said they're not going to share their information. I wonder if it's possible to stop the provinces from sharing your private health data with Trudeau. I don't want Trudeau — and obviously it will be hacked by China — I don't want them to have that.

By the way, he's lying. Last month, Alberta, which has 10 per cent of Canada's population, had 20 per cent of the new jobs. And I believe that's attributable to the fact that they're the most open province now — they don't have any lockdowns, whatsoever. They don't have any mask mandates, they said they won't go back. And so if you're a business looking to expand or hire, Alberta makes the most sense.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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