Davos: Trudeau team planned "soft-ball" interview with Chinese state media


Justin Trudeau's campaign has called the cops on journalists multiple times over the past two weeks.

The hereditary leader of the Liberal party hasn’t had much patience when it comes to prickly Canadian journalists, but he had all the time in the world for communist propagandists at state-owned China Central Television Network in 2017.

Keean Bexte was stopped, questioned and searched outside of the French language leaders debate in Montreal by undercover police officers identifying themselves as part of Justin Trudeau's Executive Security detail. Later that same evening, he and David Menzies were followed in their car by police officers and questioned after police said they received 2 anonymous complaints about them.

But it’s not just Rebel News ruffling feathers. Last week, TNC’s Andrew Lawton was detained by police as he tried to catch up to the Liberal media bus in a rental car after press handlers refused to accredit him to cover Trudeau campaign events.

The treatment of conservative journalists on the campaign trail has been appalling, the kind of thing you see in Caracas or Tehran. But I have a plan! If they want Trudeau to answer a question, maybe Canuck right-of center-reporters should take up Mandarin.

In exclusive access to information investigation into Trudeau's canceled 2017 trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland, Rebel News uncovered plans for a friendly, exclusive sit-down long-form interview between Justin Trudeau and China Central Television, a communist state-owned broadcaster. According to the planning documents it was his only formal media interview planned for Davos.

China's CCTV even provided a list of 8 friendly softball questions to Trudeau in advance of their interview. One asked:

“You have entered your second year in power. Looking back at your first year as Canadian Prime Minister, what was the toughest decision you've made and what made you feel fulfilled most?"

Another hard-hitting query was:

“You also made the comment that Canada is now an intellectual powerhouse rather than a resource-based economy. How is Canada to strengthen the "intellectual powerhouse" image at the world stage?”

State broadcasters gonna state broadcast, as they say. CCTV’s questions could have been written by the CBC.

Trudeau will suck up to communist mouthpieces as long as they stroke his ego and pad his image but will abuse our police force to stop accountability questions at home.

Davos ATIP p364-365 by The Rebel on Scribd

  • By David Menzies

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