Canada's military needs at least 120,000 cloth face masks: Contract to go to lowest bidder

The Canadian military has been quietly preparing to help during the #coronavirus pandemic for over a month, putting soldiers into isolation for deployment to assist in nursing homes and hospitals.

But the Liberal government, tasked with procuring the adequate personal protective equipment to keep Canada’s soldiers safe during the Wuhan plague, is just now asking suppliers to bid on a government contract to supply 120,000 fabric “face coverings” for the Armed Forces:

“The Department of National Defense (DND) has an urgent requirement for Cloth Face Coverings. The Cloth Face Coverings must be made in accordance with the DND Statement of Work.”

Contract will go to lowest bidder

The new military mask request for tender was posted April 27. It is not going to be finalized until May 21, and the masks do not need to be fully delivered until June 30, 2020. 

The contract (or, up to three separate contracts) has a potential to be expanded to 600,000 face coverings over the next 48 months and will go to the lowest bidder.

Provincial governments have already shut in their provinces for two months. Justin Trudeau has been self isolating for 45 days.

Why the delay in getting the military the PPE they need to help when called upon?

Masks now at 380% markup

This last-minute purchase of masks is going to cost taxpayers way more than it should. According to an article in Blacklock's:

Federal failure to stock up on vital medical supplies has cost taxpayers some half-billion dollars, according to figures submitted to the Commons government operations committee. The Department of Public Works said it’s now forced to pay a 380 percent pandemic price mark-up for masks needed by doctors, nurses and paramedics.

Even in a pandemic, the Liberals continue to treat the Canadian military as an afterthought.