Canadian Armed Forces vet working in forestry is fighting the Alberta gov't vaccine passport

Now that David Price works for the government, the same moral code that led him into a CAF uniform is the one now that will lead to his termination.

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Canadian Forces veteran working in Ag and Forestry Ministry is fighting the Alberta government vaccine passport.

The Alberta government has mandated that all employees in the public sector must be vaccinated against COVID. If the employees resist the coerced jab or refuse to divulge their vaccination status to their bureaucratic bosses, they are being placed on unpaid leave, the Orwellian newspeak term for constructive dismissal.

Outrageously and unscientifically, this privacy- and human rights-violating mandate even applies to work-at-home employees like several from Alberta Health Services IT department who have been working alone from their kitchen tables since March 2020.

That group is being helped by, a civil liberties project in partnership with the registered Canadian charity, The Democracy Fund at no cost to them. They are part of a strategic legal case that seeks to overturn the vaccine passport for their department.

But those Alberta government IT workers aren't the only public servants standing up to the “jabs or jobs” rule.

Today you'll meet David Price, who works for the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Before he took a job as a wildfire fighter with the province, he served with distinction and pride in the Canadian Armed Forces. David was willing to give his life in the defence of the rights we hold sacred, including the right to determine what we do with our bodies, free of coercion from the state.

But, he's being forced off the job, because now that he works for the government, the same moral code that led him into a CAF uniform is the one now that will lead to his termination.

He's exactly the kind of guy we'd want working in government. Yet, David is being purged and someone more compliant will take his place.

Vaccine hesitant public servants or those who refuse to allow their privacy rights to be invaded by their employers have been abandoned by their unions. David is just one of dozens in a cluster of employees across several Alberta government ministries now being helped through your generous donations to

All donations to qualify for a charitable tax receipt from The Democracy Fund.


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  • By Ezra Levant

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