Canadian couple sells everything, moves to Mexico to be free

Matt and Sherry sold all of their belongings and booked flights to Mexico in order to start fresh in a new country.

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As more and more Ontarians face job loss and segregation at the hands of indiscriminate vaccine mandates, many are taking seemingly extreme measures to uphold body sovereignty and freedom of medical choice. For this couple – Matt Davies and his partner Sherry – that meant uprooting their entire life.

Both had well paying secure jobs pre-pandemic.

Matt worked at Ontario Power Generation and Sherry as an administrator at a medical facility. Both say that the workplace harassment and a revolving door of restrictions and mandates was enough to push them to this decision. They had had enough, and wanted to enjoy normal life again.

And before Trudeau cracks down on all air and rail travel, the couple decided that the urgency in which they get out of Canada was so extreme that they gave their landlord notice, hosted a giant yard sale, sold all of their belongings and booked flights to Mexico (with no immediate plans to book back)!

Toting a large suitcase each, Matt and Sherry are looking forward to starting fresh in a new country while citing concern around inflation and an ever-increasing cost of living in Canada.

How ironic that Canadians, first world citizens, are fleeing to third world countries to enjoy freedom?

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  • By Ezra Levant

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