Canadian charity 'The Democracy Fund' takes on legal fight of unvaccinated B.C. pediatrician trying to preserve his privileges

Our charity partners at The Democracy Fund have agreed to take on Dr. McCollister’s legal fight to preserve his privileges at no cost to him, but they can’t do that without your help.

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While much of the world has moved on from harmful COVID-19 restrictions and coercive vaccine mandates, British Columbia’s provincial health officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, has chosen to renew a public health vaccine order that’s contributing to the province’s out-of-control hospital shortages instead.

The draconian order continues to prohibit healthy, able, and unvaccinated healthcare professionals, including doctors, from working in hospitals and certain community settings.

But it gets worse!

COVID injection-free physicians, like Port Alberni pediatrician Dr. Chris McCollister, are now being further punished for their medical choices as health authorities are seeking to cancel their hospital admitting privileges completely.

Vancouver Island Health, the health authority Dr. McCollister works under, has already ruled in favour of stripping him of his hospital privileges. This means that that even if Dr. Henry finally drops her order against unvaccinated physicians, Dr. McCollister still won’t be able to care for patients in hospital settings.

This disciplinary action of cancelling physicians privileges isn’t just detrimental to doctors' careers, it will likely pave the way for them to lose their license to practice all together.

“This isn’t just about losing my privileges. Essentially if you lose privileges, it looks very bad on your record,” McCollister told Rebel News when I sat down to interview him about his plight.

McCollister is one of only two pediatricians caring for sick children in his city. He says that since it’s impossible for his colleague, Dr. Kofi Affram, to be on call every day, the public health order preventing him from saving lives in the hospital is causing “gaps in service,” resulting in sick children and teenagers who need care being shipped to another hospital outside of the city.

And even though some from the hospital reportedly still contact McCollister for his help, the doctor says if he dared to go to the hospital to help, he could be slapped with six months jail time and a $25,000 fine for every day he treated patients.

Can you help Dr. McCollister?

Our charity partners at The Democracy Fund have agreed to take on Dr. McCollister’s legal fight to preserve his privileges at no cost to him, but they can’t do that without your help. They’ve hired McCollister a sharp lawyer from Doak Shirreff Lawyers LLP named Lee Turner, who you’ll meet in an upcoming interview, and who has already been working hard on his case. Turner is also in contact with other B.C. physicians in the same situation as McCollister, and says what happens to him will likely set president for them as well.

Please help Dr. McCollister by donating to help cover his past and upcoming legal fees at After that, you can take immediate action by clicking here to instantly send an email to Island Health’s President and CEO, Executive Team, Board of Directors, Dr. Bonnie Henry, the Minister of Health, and more, to demand that they protect doctors by allowing them to maintain their privileges regardless of their vaccination status.

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  • By Drea Humphrey

Send an email to Save Unvaccinated Doctors

Send an email to the President and CEO of Vancouver Island Health, their Vice President of Medicine, their Board of Directors, B.C. Premier David Eby, B.C. Minister of Health Adrian Dix, and B.C. Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry demanding they stop punishing unvaccinated doctors.

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