Canadian doctors go on tour to educate parents before getting their children vaccinated

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A grassroots movement called the Educate, Before you Vaccinate Touris making waves across B.C. and may soon be coming to a province near you.

The tour has consisted of town hall-like meetings throughout the Province that allow doctors with concerns about the risk-to-benefit ratio that COVID-19 vaccines pose to children, to meet face to face with parents and offer them important medical and scientific information they feel Public Health has failed to offer.

“We’re here to sort of pass out these facts for parents, and Grandparents, to help them make that informed decision,” says Dr. Stephen Malthouse, who alongside Dr. Charles Hoffe, has been the face of the team of doctors leading the events.

Despite COVID-19 being of very low risk to children, and the vaccines in some cases, causing a higher than expected by manufacturers amount of heart injuries in young people the province of B.C., has an Infants Act that technically can allow children of any age to receive an inoculation without parental consent.

In this report, I sit down to interview both doctors to hear why they felt the need to go on tour and how they are being treated by the communities they arrive to do so.

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