Canadian journalists reportedly experiencing 'alarming' levels of work-related mental health issues, PTSD

A recently released report on the mental welfare of Canadian journalists claims that they are experiencing high levels of stress, trauma, and harassment due to their profession.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, we discussed a new report claiming that Canadian journalists are experiencing unprecedented levels of mental health issues and PTSD related to their work.

From stress and trauma to harassment, the results of the survey paint a highly questionable picture in which journalists in Canada face challenges in their workplaces akin to those faced by first responders such as police officers, firefighters, paramedics, or soldiers.

As reported by CBC"Our findings confirm our worst fears and suspicions about the industry,'' Carleton University journalism professor Matthew Pearson said at a news conference on Parliament Hill on Wednesday. "The onus is now on all of us — from the front lines, to newsroom leaders, executives and journalism educators — to grasp the gravity of this situation and meaningfully address it to reduce the harms Canadian media workers are suffering on the job.''

The CBC report went on to state, "The harms of harassment were particularly pronounced among women, transgender and non-binary journalists, the report said. Black, Arab, South Asian, and Filipino journalists reported higher rates of online harassment. Workers who were more identifiable as members of the media, such as video journalists and photographers, were more likely to be targeted in the field.

The survey also indicated that exposure to trauma is taking a toll on media workers, with 80 per cent of participants saying they've experienced burnout as a result of reporting on stories about death, injury and suffering. Some participants also reported experiencing other emotional and psychological side effects, such as suicidal thoughts or 'numbing out' by using alcohol or other substances."

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