Canadian Liberal government and its 'progressive' justice system sees trans-identifying baby rapist transferred to a women's prison

The biological male who raped a 3-month-old baby before switching genders has a violent history filled with pedophilic tendencies and self-cannibalism.

Canadian Liberal government and its 'progressive' justice system sees trans-identifying baby rapist transferred to a women's prison
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The Canadian progressive justice system is failing to adequately prevent future violent offences.

That fact could not be made more clear with the recent transfer of a convicted pedophile rapist who is now being housed at a women’s prison in British Columbia, that has a mother and baby unit.

The trans-identifying biological male, who goes by the name of Tara Desousa, has an extremely violent past.

His name was Adam Laboucan and he was 15 years old when he raped a three-month-old baby boy in 1997.

The crime was so horrific that the baby required reconstructive surgery.

“After raping the baby, Desousa mutilated himself and ate his own flesh, his dangerous offender hearing heard,” reported the Toronto Sun.

Laboucan became Canada’s youngest dangerous offender when he was convicted at the age of 17 in 1999.

Laboucan, who now identifies as a woman and goes by the name of Tara Desousa, made a shocking admission during the trial.

He admitted to drowning a three-year-old boy when he was only 11 years old. Laboucan/Desousa was never charged for the alleged crime.

During the trial, forensic psychiatrist Ian Postnikoff testified that Desousa showed “everything from transsexual to pedophilic tendencies.”

Since his incarceration, Desousa underwent gender-transitioning surgery and has been caught prostituting “herself” to other inmates and has threatened to kill a female bodyguard.

The violent offender now has a profile on the website Canadian Inmates stating that “she” was “abused extensively as a child” and is “looking for a man who would like to get to know me.” The profile notes that Desousa has been incarcerated since the age of 15 but is self-described as having “a great sense of humour, a lot of positive energy,” and being “very sophisticated.”

Laboucan/Desousa has had his parole applications repeatedly rejected. One parole board referred to his bizarre sexual behaviour, including gender identity, impulsive behaviour, violence and sexual deviance, which continues to pose a threat to the public.

In spite of this he has since been granted permission to transfer to a women’s only prison, the Fraser Valley Institution.

Described as a multi-level minimum, medium and maximum security facility for women offenders, there are residential-style apartment units and small group accommodation houses in an open campus design model.

While Canada’s criminal justice system focuses commitment on equity, justice, diversity, and inclusion – under the guise of addressing systemic discrimination – it fails to account for the harmful fallout that will result from these progressive policies.

Federal Liberal policies saw convicted murderer Terri-Lynne McClintic temporarily placed in an Indigenous healing lodge in Saskatchewan in 2018.

McClintic had pled guilty to first-degree murder following the kidnapping, brutalizing, and death of eight-year-old Tori Stafford. Rodney Stafford, Tori’s father, has been a staunch advocate for tougher sentencing ever since.

Protesters and advocates have been sounding alarms about how these progressive policies harm the safety of female inmates and the public as a whole.

Pathological liar and rapist Tara “Patrick” Pearsall was promptly transferred to a women’s only federal facility in 2015 after he self-identified as a woman.

Serial sex offender and pedophile Madilyn Rebecca “Matthew Ralf” Harks reportedly terrorized female inmates at a number of prisons after he began self-identifying as a woman while imprisoned in 2014.

Former federal prisoner Heather Mason has been shedding light on how gender ideology is a threat to women's spaces. She is also working to expose how crime data is being manipulated by transgenderism advocates.

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