Canadian social systems promote secrecy wedge between children and parents while proliferating psychological intervention without proper training

Institutions across the country are evading parental protections when it comes to the new phenomenon of gender ideology, and if parents oppose, they could face jail time.

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Youth all across Canada are being led down a risky path of bodily and psychological destruction at the hands of Canadian social systems, and their parents risk jail time if they denounce the radical ideology.

In a Q&A put out by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), buried under “Reports and Publications on Sexually Transmitted Infections in Canada,” the report details how schools should respond if a student discloses a “gender variant identity” to them.

“Do not talk to anyone about their identity, including parents/caregivers, to whom they have not already disclosed their gender identity,” the document states.

This skirting of parental oversight is to encourage “trust and confidentiality of the gender variant youth.”

“It is important not to involve the parents/caregivers of gender variant youth unless the youth themselves have already disclosed their identity to their families or you have a legal duty to report such as in the case of risk of self-harm,” it reads.

The report further instructs schools to become actively involved in the creation of a safe space for gender variant youth. Schools can do this by “providing inclusive sexual health education programming” and “organize guest speakers at school assemblies who are gender variant” while “showing films about gender identity issues in the classroom” and “ensuring that there is literature in the school library related to gender identity.”

Schools are urged to implement policies against violence and harassment of gender variant individuals.

“By adding ‘gender identity’ to the schools’ non-discrimination policies, gender variant individuals will be given legal recourse if they have been bullied or victimized,” the report goes on to stipulate.

In a separate report published by the PHAC in 2020, Canadian students in grades six to 10 were surveilled and broken down by gender and grade.

In the survey, students were asked to respond to the question “Are you male or female?” by selecting from three responses: male, female or “neither term describes me.”

The report clearly states that “students who indicated 'neither term describes me' did not comprise a large enough group to report on by grade level while ensuring respondent confidentiality. This group of students along with those who chose not to respond to the question are included in the graphs that do not break down student responses by gender.”

Those identifying as neither male nor female were statistically insignificant and yet society is expected to acquiesce and promote this radical, progressive, all-encompassing idea of gender identity.

Even still, this is still despite the fact that gender services referrals for hormone therapy have more than tripled in youth under the age of 16 since 2016.

Naturally, schoolboards (along with schools) further affirm this gender dysphoria, and do so largely unbeknownst to parents and guardians.

One mother is quoted in this National Post article:

“The way that I see it, the schools are triangulating the family — they’re becoming a wedge between the child and parent.” She is the mother of a teenage girl whose Ontario school is located within the Hamilton-Wentworth board, that immediately implemented a name change when the girl began identifying as a boy.

“It’s not a benign act. It’s a psychological intervention — and it’s not a minor psychological intervention — that teachers and counsellors are entering into without any psychological training at all.”

Various school boards and education ministries confirm that they will validate and reinforce the idea of a student's gender identity differing from their biological sex without consulting the parents.

One such regulation, titled “Gender Identity and Expression – Student Records,” was implemented by the Greater Essex County District School Board in June 2021. Under privacy it reads:

“All students have a right to privacy. School staff must keep a student’s gender identity, gender diverse or transgender status confidential and not disclose it to others unless there is a specific necessity to do so. That is consistent with the accommodation process. Consent must be sought from the student and their parents/guardians, as appropriate, prior to the further sharing of information in fulfilling accommodations. There may be circumstances in which this student seeking accommodation is not open about their gender identity at home. A school should never disclose a student’s gender identity, chosen name, and/or pronouns to the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) without the student’s explicit prior consent. When contacting home, the student should be consulted first to determine an appropriate way to reference the student’s gender identity, chosen name, and/or pronouns. This is true regardless of the age of the student.”

Canadian parents must concede to this ideation or they could face jail time, as is the case of the British Columbia father forbidden from speaking out against his child’s early medical transition.

To add to the illegality of the gender identity criticisms, as of January 2022, adjustments to Canada’s criminal code now mean that it is illegal for parents not to automatically affirm their adolescents new identity.

Yet statistics show that keeping this from parents is dangerous.

Many seem alarmed about suicide rates plaguing at-risk transgender and gender diverse youth – wouldn’t it be in the best interest of the child to alert the parents of this possibility then? So that they can be on the lookout for red flag behaviours and ideations?

Due to the nature of this ideology being so new, the phenomenon of “detransitioning” is just beginning to trickle out.

Take Chloe Cole, who began chemically transitioning at the impressionable and immature age of 13, and had her budding breasts removed by the time she was 15, for instance. She now regrets all of these irreversible alterations but will suffer health harm for the rest of her life as a result.

Even though the PHAC uses the term “gender variant” to refer to this as the contagion that it is, real harms are being ignored or swept under the rug while parents who can more adequately weigh the risk versus benefits of early interventions are being intentionally left in the dark as the radical ideology is permeating through Canadian socialized medical and educational systems.

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