Canadians fear climate food shortages though Canada remains a net-exporter of food

A Health Canada survey of 1,905 people found that 44 percent said they feared loss of “food security" due to climate change. However, federal scientists have reported warmer temperatures would result in larger yields and new crops.

Canadians fear climate food shortages though Canada remains a net-exporter of food
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As first reported in Blacklock's Wednesday morning, a substantial number of Canadians are worried about climate disruptions to the food change.

The fears of the public about climate scarcity are incompatible with internal government research and analysis. In 2014, federal scientists found that warmer climes would result in more robust yields and the ability for a broader diversity of crops to be grown in Canada:

"Changes in temperature and precipitation patterns will open up new areas to cultivation and eliminate others,”... “In Canada climate change is expected to result in different invasive species and increase weather variability. As well, a longer growing season coupled with shorter-season varieties will allow expansion of production of crops such as corn and soybeans in Western Canada.”

According to Blacklocks:

The Senate agriculture committee at 2017 hearings was told climate change could see ranching extended into Arctic regions. “Climate change may create opportunities in Canada’s North,” testified Dr. Evan Fraser, then-Canada Research Chair in Global Food Security at the University of Guelph. “It will probably benefit, at least in the next 100 years, Canadian northern areas. We call these agricultural frontiers.

The study, conducted by Environics, cost $119,777.

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

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