Capital City Bikers' Church in Ottawa vandalized prior to Sunday service – don’t expect an outcry

Ottawa Police stated that its Hate and Bias Crime Unit is investigating.

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The last formal event scheduled by the participants taking part in the Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally in Ottawa was a church service at the Capital City Bikers' Church. Alas, attendees were shocked to discover that in the wee hours of the morning, the church had been vandalized. Spray paint adorned the walls of the church, the most egregious message being “No haven for fascism” on the front wall of the church.

As well, tacks were scattered everywhere; presumably, the vandals hoped to flatten the motorcycle and car tires of those visiting this place of worship.

In the aftermath, Ottawa Police stated that its Hate and Bias Crime Unit is investigating. To his credit, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson said the vandalism endured by the church was “not acceptable.”

As for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau? Crickets, as per usual, when it comes to the desecration of a Christian place of worship.

However, in the department of perverse irony, consider this: all of the attendees at the church service were peaceful; love, not hate, filled the air. Indeed, the only true act of fascism was the vandalism committed by the cowards who decided to spray-paint the church’s walls and toss tacks on the road.

Let’s pray that God forgives them.

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