Carbon offsets: Liberals barely keep track of taxpayer money thrown at climate change sin tax

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The Liberals are blowing tens of thousands of dollars to feel better about their climate sins in the form of carbon offset purchases and you are paying for all of it.

Carbon offsets are the currency of a cap and trade scheme. If a company falls under their “carbon budget,” the company can sell the excess carbon credits to a trader who will then sell it at a premium to someone who feels guilty about their first world lifestyle. It’s a made-up economy that our politicians waste tax money participating in.

Conservative MP Jamie Schmale of Haliburton—Kawartha Lakes—Brock asked an order paper question that compelled the Government to break down by department, agency and Crown corporation just how much they've been purchasing in carbon offsets since January 1st 2018.

Environment and Climate Change Canada (under former minister Catherine McKenna) spent $4,200 of our money on carbon offsets since 2018.

Global Affairs spent $61,000 in carbon offsets for just the G7 summit. Based on these records, it appears Minister Chrystia Freeland did not buy carbon offsets for all the times she sent her limo ahead to Montreal from Ottawa to pick her up when her plane landed. For that, we should be grateful, I suppose.

The Department of National Defence doesn't know if it spends money on carbon offsets.

“National defense is committing to making fundamental changes to the business of defense to improve management practices and is taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint.….National defense does not centrally track expenditure specific to carbon offset credits.”

Soldiers are asking for more than Canada can give, according to Trudeau, however, the international carbon credit traders are asking for just the right amount, whatever that amount may be.

The Privy Council — Trudeau’s office — says they haven’t been buying carbon credits:

“Since January 1 2018 the Privy Council Office has not purchased any carbon offsets.”

This revelation exposes Trudeau as a hypocrite on the climate file, and yet, this is one of the few pie -in-the-sky climate change grifters that Trudeau hasn’t wasted tax money on.

Once again, it’s Chrystia Freeland’s Global Affairs ministry wasting the most money on nonsense things, from her flight records that exposed how she sends her limo ahead of her plane to pick her up and drive her around, to the 1 million dollars in bottled water at Global Affairs over 2 years, to her 61,000 dollars spent on carbon offsets for just one meeting.

Freeland is hailed as the next in line for the Liberal leadership when Trudeau comes out of semi-retirement and actually retires. But, she might be a change for the worse, if that could even be possible, based on Freeland’s treatment of tax dollars when she thinks no one is looking.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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