WATCH: Cardiologist DEMANDS urgent investigation into Australian sudden deaths

Dr Peter McCullough calls for an immediate inquiry into sudden increase in deaths with unknown causes after COVID-19 vaccine.

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An urgent investigation was needed into the rise of so-called ‘sudden death syndrome’, a visiting cardiologist has told Australian audiences.

Dr Peter McCullough, speaking at sold-out events down the east coast of Australia this week, said the sudden increase in deaths from unknown causes demanded an urgent inquiry.

“When young people have a cardiac arrest, the cause — prior to Covid — is known. What is extremely disturbing now in the era of (Covid) vaccines is that there are sudden deaths with no explanation,” he said.

“We should never accept someone who has taken the vaccine died and then had the death declared ‘unknown’.”

The American heart specialist said he believed the vaccine was making people more susceptible to heart problems.

“It’s clearly something that needs to be investigated,” he said.

“In Australia right now there are two exposures - there’s both the virus and the vaccine. Now in Australia, for most people, they took the vaccine first and because it doesn’t work then they get Covid on top of it - so they’ve had multiple exposures of the Covid spike protein.

“We know that the vaccine exposes the body to way more spike protein than Covid illness.”

McCullough, whose speaking tour was sponsored by the United Australia Party, spoke at Covid-19 Vaccination Conference events in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

The cardiologist rejected media descriptions of him as “controversial”

“There’s no controversy when it comes to medical truth, and there hasn’t been a single doctor in Australia who has challenged anything I’ve said,” he told Rebel News.

United Australia Party Senator Craig Kelly said mainstream media “refused to accept our money” to advertise the speaking tour.

But that didn’t stop the events quickly selling out.

UAP Senator Ralph Babet said: “We’ve got doctors who want to hear the truth, we’ve got people who are vaccine injured, but most importantly we’ve got people here who want to hear something that they haven’t heard for the last two of three years – the truth.”

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  • By Avi Yemini

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