Catherine McKenna puts plastic trash into PLASTIC garbage bag, lies about her (taxpayer-funded) driving habits, during river clean-up photo op

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At Catherine McKenna's press conference for banning single use plastics, McKenna's river cleanup team was using — you guessed it — single use plastics: green garbage bags.

When I asked her about it, McKenna quickly said her garbage bags were in fact “compostable”. That was a lie. (She also said she was “reusing” her old plastic campaign lawn signs...)

Much more important and concerning was the lie that followed immediately afterwards:

A Rebel News investigation into the Liberal minister's driving habits showed McKenna had burned over 6000 litres of fuel in just a couple years on the job. (That's not including her personal vehicle.)

But McKenna, when faced with the question today, denied the existence of this Subaru Crosstrek entirely. Thankfully we have the receipts, and can prove that her ministerial vehicle drove 40,000 km in just over a year.

In a time of alleged climate crisis, this is beyond hypocritical, and I understand why McKenna was so eager to lie about it. It's embarrassing.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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