Catherine McKennel: Liberal minister's shameful dog-eating, cock-fighting trip through Indonesia

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, we reviewed Catherine McKenna's recently unearthed 25-year-old Indonesia travelogue. 

During her trip, McKenna — Justin Trudeau's disgraced Liberal cabinet minister — traveled with three men to take in the local culture. 

And that local culture included eating dog meat, bribing their way to an illegal cockfight and attending a arranged marriage.

I suppose Indonesia can be a cruel place. But you don’t have to engage in it; you don’t have to subsidize it; romanticize it; worsen it. With such joy.

To commemorate Catherine's trip, we created a t-shirt as a helpful reminder: Don't eat dogs!

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This is an excerpt from last night's Ezra Levant Show.

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