CBS News misleadingly frames parents' pushback against woke ideology books in schools known as 'book banning'

'They want those books removed from the shelves,' CBS News reported.

CBS News misleadingly frames parents' pushback against woke ideology books in schools as 'book banning'
Tumblr/Maia Kobabe
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Mainstream media outlet, CBS News took aim at efforts by parents across the United States to remove LGBTQ+ sex-themed books from school libraries. A story focuses in Jamestown, Michigan, a school that removed the pornographic material from its shelves.

The piece, which framed the development as an instance of book banning, highlighted the “sharp rise in book bans in America’s schools and libraries.”

CBS News correspondent Elaine Quijano reported that a group of Jamestown parents “led a successful drive to essentially defund the library.” 

“They want those books removed from the shelves,” the journalist noted. 

Following her remarks, the channel spoke to the library board president who repeated the claim that the parents wanted to “defund” the library, stating that “I feel like we’ve kind of stepped back in time, talking about book banning.”

In a report by Rebel News, some of the children’s books in question contain pornographic depictions of minors having sex, as well as a host of other material unsuitable for children. 

Schools in Loudoun County, Virginia were among the first to remove the book, “Gender Queer” by author Maia Kobabe, which contains grossly inappropriate illustrations of minors having sexual intercourse. 

The book, which revolves around a young person’s struggle with gender identity, chronicles “in comic book-style drawings, the twists and turns of the author’s journey to adulthood.” 

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