Centennial CEO addresses Rebel News' questions instead of trans-sports issues

Given the global deluge of negative publicity regarding men invading female volleyball teams, Centennial College was essentially compelled to weigh-in on this matter.

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Astute Rebel News viewers likely know that one of our latest transanity videos to go viral was all about men invading female collegiate volleyball. That’s right: dicks playing with chicks in the name of diversity.

So it was that a few weeks ago, my camerawoman Averie Armstrong and I dropped by Toronto’s Centennial College to take in a female varsity volleyball game between the Centennial Colts and the Seneca Sting. Then again, maybe I need to employ air quotes whenever I say “female” regarding this tale, because there were no fewer than FIVE male players on the court that evening. Translation: almost 50% of both starting rosters were stacked with dudes.

Well, this latest salvo pertaining to the ongoing war on women being waged by entitled grifters residing in the radical trans community received worldwide media attention, ranging from the New Yok Post to the UK’s Daily Mail. What was the amount of coverage this story received via the Canadian mainstream media you ask? Rhymes with “hero.”

Alas and alack, Trudeau’s taxpayer-funded Canadian mainstream media trained seals are totally down with the radical transgender agenda. They default to self-censorship on this file so as not to offend their Parliament Hill-based sugar daddy who, as we all know, is also totally down with the trans revolution.

It’s so embarrassing to see the media watchdogs turn into Justina’s lapdogs – especially given that several heavy hitters on social media also weighed-in on this sordid story, including tennis legend Martina Navratilova. She stated on X: “Just how wrong is this? Yup, this wrong. This has to stop!”

And now, this just in: given the global deluge of negative publicity regarding men invading female volleyball teams, Centennial College was essentially compelled to weigh-in on this matter as well. And so it was that a statement penned by Dr. Craig Stephenson, the President and CEO of Centennial College, landed in my inbox the other day. It was entitled: “Supporting student athletes and colleagues.” 

Oh, fantastic, we initially thought: finally, an educrat is going to go to bat for women athletes.

Nothing could be further from the truth, actually. Allow us to present Dr. Stephenson’s statement:

“Dear Centennial students,

You may have heard about the awful harassment our community members endured at the women’s volleyball game between the Colts and Seneca Sting. I want to assure you that I have personally reached out to every student and employee who were directly impacted, expressing how horrified I was that they had to undergo the experience, both at the moment and following the posting of a video online.”

Um… “horrified”? Is Stephenson really speaking about a volleyball game here… or did a mass shooting take place on campus?

And “harassment”? Oh, there was harassment alright. But it was directed at us by triggered members of Team Spirit Unicorn in the form of vulgar, racist rants.

The good doctor continues: “Our team has taken steps to ensure their well-being is our priority, including making sure they have access to every support and accommodation they might need at this time. The harassment of student-athletes, staff and guests from both Centennial and Seneca College was unacceptable.”

Again, with the “harassment”... and he doesn’t mean elite female athletes being shut out from getting on the court due to gender-bending men.

Keep in mind that Centennial is a taxpayer-funded college. And you would think that being a college, it would subscribe to, you know, that little thingy called freedom of the press? But no… so much for transparency.

Anyway, Stephenson isn’t quite done yet: “In addition to supporting those impacted we, as an institution, have mobilized safety and well-being supports to everyone impacted by this incident – and strengthened measures to prevent unauthorized access to our property to avoid similar incidents in the future.”

Don’t you love it when a so-called “insensitive” question or comment is uttered upon the environs of a woke college campus that this suddenly becomes a “safety” issue… it’s as though there was a downed electrical wire in the cafeteria or something?

And what does “strengthened measures to prevent unauthorized access to our property” mean?

Back to Stephenson, who, by the way, is self-described as a “cisgender straight, white male” Is that cis or sissy? Anyway, Stephenson is not quite done yet regarding Centennial’s day of infamy. “Out of respect for our athletes and colleagues who were impacted, I please ask that you refrain from viewing and/or sharing the video and online content associated with this incident. The transphobic views expressed run totally contrary to Centennial’s values and what we stand for. As part of the College’s commitment to creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels safe, we must condemn and take meaningful steps to stamp out harassment and hate whenever and wherever it appears.”

Two things. First, we must sincerely thank Dr. Stephenson. Surely this tall forehead type must know that when whenever you tell someone NOT to do something – in this case, don’t view and/or share our video – well, guess what? That’s just about the best publicity we could ever ask for. Indeed, by positioning this video as “forbidden fruit” a stampede of additional views occurred. Way to go, Doc. It’s called the “Barbra Streisand Effect.”

Secondly, what did we say that even remotely meets the benchmark of “transphobia”? Or is that where we are in the world today? That standing up for real women and that advocating for female sports is somehow “transphobic”? That we must mollycoddle a legion of loser males who can’t cut it on the men’s team where they belong – or would belong if they had the skillsets? That we must turn a blind eye to female volleyball players suffering concussions thanks to these male misogynists spiking balls off their heads? That’s equal parts disturbing and pathetic.

But then comes the piece de la resistance: Stephenson lists several “support groups” on campus that can help counsel traumatized students due to our video. No, we’re not making this up. Stephenson directs students to seek help from a team of counsellors at the Centre for Accessible Learning and Counselling Services. And the Good2Talk Helpline. And the International Student Helpline as well as the Domestic Student Helpline. Gee, Doc, no mention of the Suicide Crisis Helpline? Probably an oversight…

Additionally, for those students who comprise society’s uber-protected rainbow class, Stephenson notes: “some of you will find comfort in connecting with the Queering Community Student Collective, a community space and support network for 2SLGBTQQIA+ [i.e.,] two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex and asexual students and allies at Centennial College. The Queering Community Student Collective stands in solidarity with you.”

Well, thank God for that!

By the way, we did reach out to Dr. Stephenson for comment. So far, it’s been radio silence. Typical.

But in the final analysis, we must ponder: does Centennial College have a Women’s Club or a Feminist Society? I’m betting that more than half of Centennial’s student body is comprised of, you know, bona fide real biological females. They are the ones who truly have skin in the game. They are the ones being cancelled here.

And you would think that in a normal world, the women on campus – and their male allies – would be the ones picketing and protesting every time there’s a female volleyball game taking place in which male players are supplanting female players. But I guess real women are not in vogue anymore, not when we have a prevailing mantra in society today of “if it’s trans it’s good, and if it’s good it’s trans.”

Then again, maybe college-age females have been so brutally indoctrinated that they, too, actually believe that “transwomen are real women.” And if this is indeed the case, then really, how profoundly sad is that?

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