Dr. Moore, Ontario's chief vaccine pusher, says government never intended for indiscriminate COVID-19 mandates

While the government's COVID-19 vaccine directive always stipulated exemptions, it also left the door open for that stipulation to be disregarded. And the rhetoric espoused by medical adviser Dr. Moore fanned the flames of indiscriminate enforcement.

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Ontario’s conflict-of-interest-riddled chief vaccine passport pusher recently stated that the provincial government never instituted a COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Yet his rhetoric proves otherwise.

These comments left many who are still reeling from the effects of the indiscriminate enforcement of such government directives absolutely appalled as his rhetoric clearly played a part.

The statement from Ontario’s chief medical officer of health, Dr. Kieran Moore, came during a recent Q&A period during a panel at the Queen's University School of Policy Studies that was tasked with looking at COVID at 1000 days

Dr. Moore was replying to a woman who detailed a personal experience of a family death related to the novel COVID-19 vaccine while highlighting that other family members were completely ridiculed and exiled from society for making personal medical decisions that differed from the public health regimes COVID-19 diktats.

“We wanted it to be a policy framework, rather than a mandate, and we did not have a mandate in Ontario from this government’s vantage point but clearly organizations were able to adopt or modify that policy to their belief system or need at that time,” responded Moore.

The policy referred to was known as Directive 6; a now- scrubbed directive from the provincial website that forced various public healthcare sectors – from hospitals to paramedics – to institute COVID-19 vaccine policies.

To be fair, Directive 6 always stipulated exemptions to the policy in section 1(c). It stipulated that one could complete an educational session to seek an exemption.

However, the next paragraph allows a “covered organization” to remove that option.

And Dr. Moore’s own rhetoric during an announcement to the provincial COVID-19 passport system on September 1, 2021, was that places that go above and beyond his supposed “policy” with full vaccination mandates are “safer.”

He alluded to those that are compliant as “kind, caring and compassionate” and denounced one or two percent who are “noisy.”

Moore noted that many institutions have moved from a vaccine policy to a full-fledged mandate throughout the conference and discussed mandates several times.

“We have had a progressive approach to immunization policies, some of the strongest in the world, and we will move to mandatory if and when we’re achieving the goals that we want,” he said before noting that “any business can introduce an immunization policy for their business and their employees.”

Speaking a mere three weeks later Dr. Moore appeared to applaud the indiscriminate vaccine mandates imposed harshly on post-secondary students.

“I want to applaud their incredible efforts,” Dr. Moore is heard saying.

He continued to applaud the government initiative that saw vaccine clinics set up conveniently around schools to further entice and coerce those being ostracized to the actual fringe of society due to medical apartheid preventing them from accessing and partaking in indoor social gatherings.

Moore reminded people that this segregation will be the next phase of that coercive vaccine program:

“Beginning tomorrow you will be required to show proof of vaccination when entering certain non-essential business settings,” he said in the September 21 announcement.

This was all meant to “encourage” others to get vaccinated, as per Moore. “I do hope it encourages others to come forward and be vaccinated. 85% is a great number for Ontario but I certainly would love us to have the highest number achievable, well into the 90s… to help us get back to a new normal.”

He called the waves of COVID-19 that followed the rollout of these hailed-as-miraculous novel injections a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

This is oxymoronic in and of itself, according to actual experts who point to real-world data showcasing the exact opposite.

Yet the continued knee-jerk, non-evidence-based reaction capitalizing on pharma-funded studies and marketing campaigns was all done under the guise of protecting vulnerable people.

To which Dr. Moore says that they will “leave no stone unturned.”

If your personal medical choices were contrary to the diktats of public health then you were fired, denied employment benefits, prevented from continuing your education, and shunned from society.

Moore knew this. He even said it hadn’t yet “sunk in” for some people that they would be banned from civilization.

He called this modern-day segregation and medical apartheid progressive.

The vaccine passport specifically targeted a demographic that was not at all at high risk of COVID-19, simply because they knew they would succumb to peer pressure.

“When looking at the population with the least protection right now, it’s the 20 – 39 year old population… They have a lower rate of immunization. That age group that likes to go out, that is naturally social, that takes advantage of bars/nightclubs. I think once it clicks in that you must be vaccinated to get inside, that will change behaviours,” he said.

In light of his comments that the government never imposed a vaccine mandate, perhaps Dr. Moore needs a reminder from university student Katherine Bishop who was de-rostered from her VIRTUAL university program for the intolerable act of making her own informed medical choices.

Or nurse Louise who was forced into early retirement for making a contrarian medical decision.

As hospitals became increasingly understaffed due to the above-mentioned policies, they began outsourcing traveling nursing at astronomically higher costs, often 3x the amount of hourly wage compared to a local nurse, as detailed by RPN Milinda Young.

It’s the same story as healthy nurse Hetty Van Helteren.

And what about exemption seekers?

Registered Nurse Katherine tried to jump through all of her hospital's hoops to obtain a religious exemption only to be denied, terminated and then denied employment benefits by the federal government.

This was another stab in the back to tax-paying Canadians who paid into the social net safety system of employment insurance (EI) and then found themselves ineligible due to noncompliance with COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

This happened across nearly all employment sectors, not just in healthcare – from federal
and provincial government run entities to private companies.

Of note, Dr. Moore has a declared conflict of interest with pharma oligarch and pandemic profiteer Pfizer. He has received financial sponsorship from them and sits on one of their advisory boards.

The last time this hypocrite was in the news it was for mingling maskless at a Toronto socialite event just days after advising Ontarians to mask up indoors.

Now he’s gaslighting you with semantics.

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