China Crisis: Protesters descend on the Toronto constituency office of Liberal MP Han Dong. Their message: this alleged puppet of Communist China must go!

As for Trudeau’s response? Oh, he’s going to get to the bottom of things – no, not the Chinese interference. Rather, he wants to find out who the CSIS whistleblower is.

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According to recent CSIS leaks to journalists, Don Valley North Liberal MP Han Dong is one of 11 beneficiaries of Chinese interference in the last two federal elections.

Indeed, according to a whistleblower with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, the communist Mandarins in Beijing actually used operatives and loyalists to bus in seniors to vote for him. And just to make sure their weren’t any communication issues, Dong's name was written on their arms with a magic marker!

The CSIS whistleblower also told media outlets that foreign students were threatened with having their visas revoked if they did not turn up to support Dong.

In fact, the CSIS insider says the spy agency warned senior Liberals to terminate Dong's candidacy, but Justin Trudeau intervened to save him. Why? Well, let’s not forget Justin’s infamous quote back in 2013 in which he inexplicably professed admiration for China’s dictatorship. Amazing.

And Dong has proven to be a good little puppet for his Beijing puppet-masters. For example, he conveniently skipped out at the last minute on two Liberal-sponsored votes to condemn the Uyghur genocide at the hands of China. Disgraceful.

As for the 2021 election campaign, it would appear China was successful in their goals. The regime wanted Dong and certain other Liberals re-elected; they also wanted the Trudeau Liberals to maintain its minority government; and according to ex-Conservative leader Erin O’Toole, Chinese interference prevented nine Conservative MPs from being re-elected (naturally, these Conservatives had less than favourable views regarding China.)

As for Trudeau’s response? Oh, he’s going to get to the bottom of things – no, not the Chinese interference. Rather, he wants to find out who the CSIS whistleblower is. Talk about shooting the messenger as opposed to dealing with the message!

And get this: should a concerned Canadian have the audacity to criticize Dong for allegedly being a Beijing puppet, well, according to Trudeau, this is racist behaviour! Here’s what Trudeau said last week: “One of the things we’ve seen, unfortunately, over the past years is a rise in anti-Asian racism linked to the pandemic and concerns being raised or arisen around people’s loyalties.”

Talk about chutzpah! Allegations of racism being tossed about from someone who can’t remember how many times in his life he’s donned blackface...

Rebel News decided to pay a house call to Mr. Dong. Shockers! Neither Dong nor any of his staff members were at the constituency office that day.

But to ensure our message was delivered, we sent out our jumbotron-equipped truck into Dong’s riding, requesting that this MP must step down. If you can help fund our expenses, please go to and kindly make a donation. Our thanks in advance.

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

PETITION: Fire Liberal MP Han Dong!

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