China refused Canada's Garbage Ship when McKenna couldn't guarantee she wouldn't abandon it there

Remember the garbage ship embarrassment? Filipino President Duterte declared a garbage war after a Canadian company abandoned dozens of shipping containers full of trash in Manila after shipping them there as “recycling”. The garbage festered, and in some instances wriggled, for 6 long years despite promises made by Trudeau in 2017 to finally repatriate the rubbish.

After the declaration of this embarrassing foreign affairs melee between Philippines and Canada, the Liberals were forced to act fast to try to save face in the international media. See our full coverage of the fetid fiasco at

However, Government officials had no idea how they were going to get the garbage back home, even after the ship carrying it had left the port of Manila. Exclusive emails and briefing notes obtained by Rebel News reveal bureaucrats were desperately looking for ports in China, Taiwan, and Singapore to transfer the festering sea-cans to a second ship to bring the payload back to British Columbia for incineration.

China turned the Canadian government down because they couldn’t get a letter of assurance from Catherine McKenna’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change guaranteeing the Canadian government wouldn’t stick them with the containers of waste.

One email between bureaucrats read:

“The Chinese are asking for further information to facilitate the transshipment but remain silent on what is specifically required. It could be that the Chinese authorities do not have a recent letter from Environment and Climate Change Canada confirming that it will unconditionally accept the shipment in the port of Vancouver. This was requested by the Chinese in order to overturn the initial decision to refute the permit.”

The Liberals’ garbage ship fiasco was a steaming heap of trash in more ways than the literal sense.

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  • By David Menzies

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