John McCallum was fired as Canada’s ambassador to China after he made shocking statements defending Meng Wanzhou, the Huawei executive currently fighting extradition to the U.S. on fraud charges.

It was bad enough that McCallum interfered with a Canadian trial, expressing his opinion that Meng was innocent. That’s China-style meddling in an independent trial. But it was even more bizarre that McCallum — allegedly Canada’s ambassador to China — was acting more like China’s ambassador to Canada.

He was literally taking a foreign dictatorship’s side against our own country. Even Trudeau knew he had to fire McCallum.

But it gets worse. Since McCallum was fired, he has gone on to work for China.

Not just renting himself out to the Communist regime, but selling his continuing access to Trudeau’s government. McCallum actually called up the current Liberal immigration minister, pumped him for inside information about the government’s plans, and then reported back to his Chinese masters. And he received a hefty paycheque for it.

How is that possibly legal?

Well, it’s not. And so we at Rebel News hired a law firm to draft a formal complaint to the Lobbying Commissioner, demanding a full legal investigation into McCallum’s misconduct.

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