Chinese troops training in Canada is “embarrassing for the establishment” | Spencer Fernando with Ezra Levant

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Rebel News' groundbreaking report on the training received by Chinese People's Liberation Army officers being trained on Canadian military bases, like CFB Petawawa in Ontario, has made headlines around the world.

On yesterday's edition of The Ezra Levant Show, independent Canadian journalist Spencer Fernando joined Ezra to discuss The China Files and what this means for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's political career.

Describing the willingness for Trudeau to criticize government's that agree with Canada on a moral level, Spencer told Ezra:

In this country, there's an attitude a lot of people seem to have which is that Canada should always be subservient. We should always be weak, we should always give in and [the government] always start from a point of weakness.

So, I think that's obviously Trudeau's attitude when it comes to China. And then it's the attitude of much of the establishment.

What's interesting though is that weakness, for some reason, doesn't extend to countries that actually share our values. You look at Trudeau, he's happy to lecture India about protesting there; he's happy to lecture the United States, a country more powerful than China and right next to us.

So it's interesting, they only seem afraid or cowardly when it comes to China, but when it comes to our allies — countries that actually share our values — they seem tougher for some reason.

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