Chris Sky kicked out of airport while trying to help woman returning to Canada after surgery

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We now know the new rules when it comes to flying into Canada from abroad. Namely, the authorities, thanks to a recently implemented Order in Council, are informing passengers that they must check into one of those awful quarantine hotels, typically being charged $2,000 for a three-night stay (which comes complete with awful food, surly service and in some cases, rooms that don’t even have functioning locks).

Last Thursday, “Mary” (not her real name), flew into Toronto’s Pearson International Airport from Portugal, and said she had absolutely no intention of staying at a L’hotel Quarantine. One reason is that she is in considerable discomfort due to a recent operation in which she had 25 tumours removed. She also strongly feels that she can quarantine more safely at an Airbnb location rather than a quarantine hotel.

To give her some moral support, none other than anti-lockdown activist Chris Sky (or “common nuisance” in the eyes of the authorities) showed up at Pearson on Thursday night, too.

It should be noted that Chris has a medical condition that makes it impossible for him to wear a mask. That did not sit well with members of the Peel Regional Police who were patrolling the airport. Indeed, a surreal debate ensued within Terminal 1 (we captured the entire exchange) and ultimately Chris Sky was frog-marched out of the airport.

We did locate Mary later on and were able to give her a ride to her Airbnb in Toronto’s west end. But the question arises: while Mary avoided a quarantine hotel stay, is she indeed home free?

That’s because the Public Health Agency of Canada notes that those refusing to stay at a government-run hotel could be fined as much as $1,800 per day. And, if those persons are found to be in violation of the Quarantine Act, they could be further fined up to $750,000! Plus six months in jail!!

Also worth mentioning is that we have yet to come across any individual who has endured such huge fines or incarceration. But just in case the authorities plan to make an example of Mary, a la Adam Skelly of Adamson Barbecue, we will be staying in touch with her.

Hopefully, she will not be hassled or fined or imprisoned. After all, having 25 tumours removed is painful enough. The last thing she needs is for the federal government to pile on additional penalties, as opposed to offering her some compassion.

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  • By David Menzies

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