Christian refugees face discrimination, food shortages inside UN camps

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It’s not safe for Christians and Yazidis in the UN refugee camps in Iraqi Kurdistan and around the region. They face ongoing discrimination and neglect, often being the last to get help, and the last to get out.

The Nazarene Fund and their regional partners, White Mountain Research, use your Save the Christian donations to rescue the Christians and Yazidis from the camps and then find affordable housing for them while they wait sometimes for up to a year, to go to their new homes in Australia and the Czech Republic.

The scars of the trauma they survived and ongoing discrimination against Christians make working full time nearly impossible for some. The government and the UN aren’t helping.

The Nazarene Fund provides food aid to these struggling families outside the camps — nothing fancy, just the bare essentials — to help them get through the month.

I was there, in Erbil, as the groceries purchased by your donations were distributed to those that need the help the most.

To help with our Christmas donation drive for the Nazarene Fund please visit

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  • By Ezra Levant

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