Church CHARGED $6,000 for DRIVE-IN services; bylaw wait until Media Party leaves to issue tickets

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The Church of God, just south of Steinbach, MB, has met the cold rubber of Brian Pallister's cold boot.

On Sunday, the widely disliked premier dispatched uniformed officers with "Manitoba Justice" emblazoned on their backs to the small church in the countryside.

The Church of God cancelled indoor services this weekend, out of an abundance of caution. Instead, church leadership asked congregants to remain in their vehicles outside, and tune in to 88.5 FM.

Over the radio and in the safety of their cars, churchgoers listened to the weekly sermon. The church's minister preached to the gathered faithful about the origin of liberty, and that rights pre-exist government and are granted to men by God.

It was a short service, but the way the province saw it, their disobedience could not go unpunishedAnd punished they were. Over $6,000 dollars in fines were issued to the church and its minister, Tobias Tissen.

Prior to Sunday, Tissen was threatened with 12 months of imprisonment for practicing his religion, in a letter issued by the province.

The RCMP did not decide to arrest Tissen, which is when the Manitoba Health and Manitoba Justice (both departments directly reporting to Premier Pallister's cabinet) moved in to issue their vindictive punishment.

This comes a week after pollsters announced Brian Pallister is the most disliked premier in Canada, and days after Pallister called every Manitoban who didn't agree with him “an idiot.

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  • By David Menzies

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