Church in the Vine levied $5,000 in penalties for preventing inspectors from interrupting services

Since Alberta Health Services couldn't get in the front door past, they sent another government agency to go after the church.

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Husband and wife pastoral team Tracy and Rodney Fortin were hammered with a brand new fine to go along with their existing dozen or so charges, this time for preventing a worksite inspector from Occupation Health and Safety (OHS) from entering the church.

The Fortins had the good sense to call their lawyer, James Kitchen, for advice when the OHS inspector showed up at their door for a “routine workplace inspection.” Kitchen suspected OHS was there to do the bidding of Alberta Health Services and, as it turns out, he was right.

Tracy and the church already face a combined 12 charges of obstruction for stopping an AHS inspector from entering the church during services for COVID non-compliance. Since AHS couldn't get in the front door past Tracy, they sent another government agency to go after the church.

Luckily, the Fortins and Church in the Vine have a great lawyer in James Kitchen and the support of thousands of people who donate at, our Rebel News civil liberties project wherein we put so-called COVID scofflaws like the Fortins in touch with top criminal lawyers and civil litigators at no cost to them.

We do this all through crowdfunding to the registered Canadian charity, The Democracy Fund. So, with your help, Kitchen will fight this crazy new fine and all the old charges too!

The Fortins are doing everything they can to fight for religious freedom during the pandemic, from standing up to government inspectors at great personal jeopardy to writing religious exemption letters to the vaccine mandates so good God-fearing people can keep their jobs. They need help and support now more than ever.

To donate to help the Fortins, their church and the over 2,000 other Canadians getting legal help with their lockdown tickets, please donate at All donations qualify for a charitable tax receipt from The Democracy Fund.

If you need an exemption, please do not call the church's phone number. Email [email protected] and let them know the story of why you need an exemption, your place of work, full name and province.

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