Churches “make an easy target” for COVID fines | FightTheFines lawyer David Anber joins Sheila

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On Friday's edition of The Ezra Levant ShowRebel Alberta correspondent Sheila Gunn Reid filled in for a portion of the show, where she was joined by lawyer David Anber.

David has been helping the Rebel cause by providing support for individuals who have submitted stories of outrageous COVID-related fines through the portal.

Recently in Manitoba, things have gotten a bit out of hand, as Premier/Grinch Brian Pallister's enforcement of new restrictions has seen more than $180,000 in fines dished out in a week. A popular target for Pallister's charges has been a church in Steinbach, where a pastor was recently charged for organizing a protest.

When discussing the situation with churches being charged, David said that while he's not seen a lot of evidence to suggest churches specifically are being targeted, or that freedom of religion itself is being targeted, they certainly do make an easy target for enforcement. He continued to say that the laws are most impactful on anyone seeking normalcy in their life:

It's that where these laws — and we're seeing this across the country — have basically resulted in normal society as we're used to — you know, walking to the store, being able to leave your house being able to see the faces of the people in your community — normal life has been changed.

For many people worship is a very important part of normal life, and so where people want to keep experiencing normal life, that's where we're seeing the friction between some of these overreaching government policies.

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