CIA report: China pressured WHO to downplay coronavirus

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A new CIA report says China pressured the World Health Organization to downplay the extent of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The WHO complied and people have died.

The CIA report surrounds a January 22 WHO vote to delay the declaration of a worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

The Daily Mail covered the story: 

“The CIA report says China threaten to stop cooperating with the World Health organization's Coronavirus investigation if the organization declared the outbreak of global Health Emergency. 

“The alleged delay came at a crucial time in January as the virus was spreading around the world undetected and China was stockpiling medical equipment and protective gear made in the US and elsewhere.  

“The shock allegation comes as more than 82,000 Americans have died of the virus that originated in Wuhan China last year and the claims are likely to further fray tense relations between Washington and Beijing. 

The World Health organization eventually declared the coronavirus a Public Health Emergency on January 30, but only after a confirmed meeting between World Health Organization director-general Tedros and Chinese leader Xi Jingping on January 28.

The official pandemic declaration did not come until March. 

It's not just the CIA making these claims. German newspaper Der Spiegel cited a German federal intelligence service document that noted a January 21 meeting between Tedros and Jinping, where Jinping asked the WHO hold back information about a human to human transmission and to delay a pandemic warning.  

Canada's Chief Public Health Officer (and the head of the Public Health Agency of Canada) Theresa Tam's incompetent hands are involved in this every step of the way. She sits on the seven-member advisory and oversight committee of the World Health Organization's emergency program.  

Dr. Teresa Tam is as compromised as a Chinese face mask.

All of us can see in real-time how she responded to China's pressure downplay the coronavirus, ignoring her own officials who warned her about person to person spread of COVID-19 as early as January 15, yet on January 26, she downplayed that fact. She told Canadians masks were ineffective while China stockpiled them.  

Tam didn't just let China control her at the World Health Organization. She let them take control of health policy directives here in Canada. Millions of Canadians are out of work. Seniors facilities have turned into a waiting room for the city morgue. The economy is in collapse. China is laughing. Tam must shoulder much of the blame.  

If you agree that it is time to replace Theresa Tam, sign the petition at

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