Citizen journalist harassed by Toronto police officer who demands to know if he's working with… David Menzies?!

One of the police officers — who refused to give his name and badge number — asked Rick Troyan FOUR times if he was working with David Menzies (and yes, it was caught on camera).

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Meet Rick Troyan. This citizen journalist is self-described as a “civil rights activist.” As such, Rick likes to embrace his freedoms, such as freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of the press.

Inexplicably, members of various Ontario police forces don’t like that.

As well, Rick is very well-versed when it comes to the law, especially when it pertains to where he is allowed to film. In fact, as is often the case, Rick knows the law of the land better than many cops do. And the less educated police officers really hate that…

Recently, Rick was recording the progress of a massive construction project in the Scarborough area of Toronto. He was on a sidewalk as he filmed. And needless to say, he had every right to do so.

Yet, for unknown reasons, some of the construction workers objected to Rick’s presence. They verbally abused him. And Rick alleges that one of the workers even threatened to physically harm him with a hammer!

When that intimidation did not work, one of the workers called the Toronto Police Service. And TWO police cruisers from 41 Division descended on the scene. Which is very odd for a couple of reasons: first, Rick was not committing any crime whatsoever. Secondly, Toronto is experiencing its worst crime wave in Hogtown history. And there are areas of Scarborough that are very crime infested indeed (and by that we mean REAL crime, ranging from auto theft and assault to armed robbery and homicide.)

It was a bizarre situation to say the least. But it soon went from bizarre to downright surreal when one of the police officers  who refused to give his name and badge number  asked Rick FOUR times if he was working with David Menzies (and yes, it was caught on camera).

For starters, why would any cop be concerned with that? (For the record, the answer is no: Rick does not work with Menzies.) Menzies has encountered Rick covering a few protests over the years. And that’s it. But even if Rick was part of Rebel News and even if he was working with Menzies… so what? Again, what law would Rick be breaking?

In one sense, it’s downright funny. But in another sense, it is also disturbing. Menzies has been arrested four times (RCMP, twice by Toronto Police, OPP) in the space of five months simply for practicing journalism in the public square. Seriously, what the hell is going on?

And now a citizen journalist gets detained for NOT committing a crime and then gets interrogated regarding if he has a professional relationship with Menzies?

Again: what the hell is going on?

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