City councillor pushing single-use plastic ban forgets PPE is single-use plastic

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The other day, I took delivery of a piece of single-use paper. It was correspondence to the Ward 4 constituents from Richmond Hill, Ont. councillor David Waste — er, I mean, West. Forgive my mispronunciation because West was writing about waste. Well, sort of.

The newsletter begins by adroitly noting how QUOTE: “the COVID-19 pandemic has created so many new challenges” END-QUOTE. I’ll say!

But then, inexplicably, Waste goes on to champion his pathetic pet project: namely, that the City of Richmond Hill should ban single-use plastics in the name of… climate change.

Oh, by the way, David West actually capitalizes the words “climate” and “change”… I guess he wants to give climate change added gravitas by making this term a proper name.

But wait a second. Going back to that COVID thingy. Can you imagine the pickle we’d all be in these past 12 months without single-use plastics — i.e., PPE? But no, for David West, reducing one’s carbon footprint is more important than… sanitation, hygiene and protection from viruses.

I sought clarity from the Ward 4 wizard and sent him off an environmentally-friendly email. Because I wanted to know exactly how invested he was in climate change in this day and age in which global economic lockdowns abound, too many good businesses are bankrupt and millions of people the world over are out of work.

You see, I recently interviewed Marc Morano of the Washington, D.C.-based website Climate Depot. The focus of the interview was the fact that climate change advocates, if you can believe it, folks, actually look upon the carnage created by the Wuhan virus as being a GOOD thing! That’s because the recent economic smackdown has resulted in lower carbon emissions the world over during these past 12 months. Yeah… mothballing factories and retail stores and people no longer driving to work or to restaurants or movies or gyms will have that effect, I suppose.

But get this: the climate change Cassandras are now advocating that virus or no virus, they want the entire world shutdown COVID-style every TWO years. It’s good for reducing carbon emissions, you see. Call it the COVID Olympics at double-speed!

Anyway, I wanted to know if Mr. West was onboard with this idea, too. Alas, he never got back to me. But then again, like so many of his ilk ranging from David Suzuki and Al Gore to Greta Thunberg, David West is a climate change hypocrite.

Oh, sure he wants the common folk to be denied plastic single-use utensils and packaging when it comes to THEIR meals. He wants the great unwashed masses to always carry around reusable knives and forks and plates, and sure, he wants Joe and Jane Average to revert back to Neanderthal-mode and eat with their hands.

But guess what: David West doesn’t practice what he preaches! Shockers!

So yet again, folks, it’s one law for me; one law for thee when it comes to our elected officials preaching to the little people from their ivory towers. Speaking of which, have you ever noticed how the likes of Suzuki or Gore or Thunberg or West — you know, the folks who relish in making our lives miserable via economic stagnation — do you ever notice that THEY never miss a paycheque or have their revenue streams eclipsed? So, while you suffer, they continue to prosper. I guess that’s why these individuals are so completely without empathy for the common man and woman.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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