Climate change: What will be the next step from our government to protect the planet?

Rebel Reporter Alexa Lavoie spoke to attendees who are attending the UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15) in Montreal. The conference will take place from December 7-19.

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The United Nation Biodiversity Conference chaired by China, about the loss of species around the world, is being held at the palais des congres in Montreal

This conference was split into two parts. The first part was held in Kunming, China in 2021, but it was mostly virtual. The second one was supposed to be again in China, but since international travellers are still not allowed to cross into the country, they now moved the event to Montreal, Canada. Why? Good question since the relation between China and Canada is a bit tense after the multiple controversial events involving China.  

After the World Health Summit (WHS) in Berlin, Germany last October, and the UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Sharm El-Sheik, Egypt last November, the UN conference about the threat of losing biodiversity around the world (COP15) is now happening in Montreal. And the conference will last from now from December 7-19.

In three months, three different conferences have brought thousands of different attendees and representative around the world to discuss the next action that the government needs to implement.

This time in Quebec, approximately more than 17,000 people from 192 countries, who are gathering in downtown Montreal. The question is why? For the sake of saving the planet, why didn't these individuals take the option of a virtual conference instead of flying all around and increasing their carbon footprint? If it was as crucial as that, why not take good action?

Usually, leaders do not attend the Biodiversity Summit. The only leader who may be present there, will be Justin Trudeau. 

Most of the attendees are walking to get to the conference centre and we caught some of them to ask some question about the UN Biodiversity Conference. Watch the video for the full report!

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