Climate Hustle 2 exposes elites in Hollywood, politics who are making a fortune off green business | Craig Rucker joins Sheila Gunn Reid

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On this week's episode of The Gunn Show, Sheila was joined by Craig Rucker, the executive director of CFAC, the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow.

Craig is also the executive producer of the new film that looks at exposing some of the myths and little-known facts about the green business, Climate Hustle 2: Rise of the Climate Monarchy

Craig told Sheila about who the so-called "climate monarch's" are, and explained the goal of the film:

Who are the climate monarch's? They are the people that are living high on the hog. We wanted to expose those in Hollywood, in the political culture, those who are making a lot of money off this particular issue who tend to gain in power and, basically, are hypocrites.

You've got for example, Arnold Schwarzenegger, telling everybody to go and blow dry your clothes on an outdoor clothesline to save carbon emissions. Meanwhile, he's flying on a private jet up the coast to grab a cheeseburger; as was Harrison Ford. 

We have Leonardo DiCaprio, who's also showcased in this movie, a guy who is outspoken and telling everybody else how to live, yet the guy goes on yachts owned by oil tycoons from the Middle East, and has a carbon footprint where he flies tens of thousands of miles to collect environmental awards. 

This is the type of hypocrisy. What are they setting up? They're setting up basically an aristocracy.

You can still get tickets to see Climate Hustle 2 by CLICKING HERE

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