Climate protesters demand: shut down oil and gas, a green recovery, masks outdoors, revolution

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2020 has quickly become the Summer of Protests”  both violent or peaceful, informed or lawless, harmless or aggressive.

The climate protest that recently shut down a city block of downtown Toronto on Bay Street was thankfully peaceful, but extracting pointed policy or legislative suggestions was not easy to come by.

After speaking with a few willing participants it quickly became apparent that this collective (a term used frequently in many eco-communist speeches that took place) was far more concerned about Rebel News wearing masks or face shields outdoors, rather than actually spreading information about their movement.

Greg & Brian informed Rebel staff on several occasions that no one is exempt and in order to participate in the event all those in attendance must wear a mask.

Despite their appeals to scientific authorities on climate change we were unable to learn their definition none of the protest organizers were able to cite any studies, nor science, surrounding outdoor transmissions of the virus.

However, a few older individuals were able to describe some radical suggestions they had for climate action. One man suggested abolishing all gas plants in the province by 2030; when pressed about the amount of emissions that would be reduced by this action, the gentleman was unable to answer.

Another elder, in the 70-80 age range approximately, had a different view point: he suggested a violent revolution akin to the French Revolution and remarked that if a landlord's head was chopped off...[he] wouldn't participate but [he] would stand by and applaud.

With blatant disregard for adjacent businesses the vast majority of protesters we spoke to were unable to pinpoint any specific policy or changes to the legislative landscape they would like to see implemented. 

This presentation seemed to be focused on performance rather than substance; most passersby were able to articulate what was going on nor recall anything that was specifically said be speakers, but were generally in support of curtailing climate change.

The main take away appeared to be wear a mask or else which of course could not be backed up by any force, or authority, but by sheer peer pressure. Certainly that's what participants will walk away with as their lesson...compliance without knowledge or understanding is paramount over everything else

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