Commission hears Pastor Pawlowski’s passionate speech to Coutts truckers: 'You have the power now'

Regardless of who or what actually made the truckers stay…what does a covid-defiant pastor have to do with the Emergencies Act?

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While the convoy of trucks travelling from B.C. to Ottawa was settling in, a grassroots rebellion was taking place in Coutts, Alberta, where protesters had blocked the border on and off for over 14 days. You can learn more about this at

Our focus today is on Pastor Artur Pawlowski, a preacher from Calgary who visited the blockade to provide a sermon - and was subsequently arrested under the Critical Infrastructure Act, and spent 51 days in jail after being denied bail.

This isn’t his first run-in with the law, Artur has been arrested four times during the covid-19 crackdown, and it’s not because he's a criminal - four pastors in total were arrested over the two-year pandemic for not adhering to restrictions. You can actually still help him in court as we are crowdfunding his legal defence through The Democracy Fund, a registered charity, at

Yesterday at the inquiry, Martin Delvin the assistant deputy minister of public safety and emergency services, was questioned on Artur Pawlowski's involvement. Now why? Artur Pawlowski was charged because it was believed he incited the crowd to possible violence, it was believed he had an involvement in the blockade.

Yet just a day before during the testimony of Marco Van Huigenbos, a participant and alleged organizer of the Coutts blockade, Huigenbos reiterated that Pastor Pawlowski had no involvement whatsoever. Furthermore, the next testimony was Coutts Mayor Jim Willett, who mentioned in revealed text messages with Alberta Minister Rajan Sawney that quote, “Artur Pawlowski had shown up and fired everyone up to convince them to stay.”

Regardless of who or what actually made the truckers stay…what does a covid defiant pastor have to do with the Emergencies Act?

The testimony of Martin Delvin continued to another moment that has nothing to do with the Emergencies Act, but focused on when Adam Soos had hitched a ride with a helicopter heading down to deliver food for the truckers. it's important to note that a helicopter was planned because RCMP was blocking off the roads and at points were starving the peaceful protesters out.

Yesterday was yet another day that there has been no compelling evidence to suggest that the Emergencies Act was justified. Spoiler alert: the Coutts blockade was resolved before the act was invoked. If you missed that, it means you haven't been watching our coverage at, head on over there now where you can also donate to fund our on-the-ground journalism here in Ottawa.

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