Ex-Communist director of federal NDP asks for taxpayer cash to cover political salaries

Ex-Communist director of federal NDP asks for taxpayer cash to cover political salaries
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Anne McGrath, the former communist turned director of the federal NDP, has asked Justin Trudeau’s government to cover the salaries of her political staff.

Citing a lack of support from their membership, and an inability to generate revenue, the former communist candidate turned NDP superstar stated the obvious: “We think it’s really important to stay active and functioning.”

To do that, they need the Government of Canada to pay 75 per cent of the socialist party’s staff salaries. Nobody else will do it.

“I think it’s the responsible thing to do,” the one-time communist added.

The NDP employs around 35 people who work daily on partisan activity – including the creation of attack ads, fundraising, and voter identification. Traditionally, political parties are obligated to not intermingle political expenditures with government resources.

The federal wage subsidy program has created a grey area, which the NDP were quick to exploit.

Justin Trudeau cashes in too

Reports followed these revelations that not only the NDP, but also the governing Liberal Party are cashing in on the wage replacement program. 

It's almost expected that the socialist NDP would abuse this program, but the governing party doing it? That is next level. 

And Andrew Scheer

To add to the circus going on in Ottawa, the alleged "Conservative" Party is also hypocritically cashing in on this program even after criticizing the Government for creating the program in the first place. 

Cold War Communist

McGrath, who vied to become a Communist MP during the Cold War, doesn’t see an issue with this. Her desire to have the government fund the party may have something to do with Anne McGrath’s admiration of the Soviet Union.

The New Democratic Party is the current owner and landlord of a building in downtown Ottawa, valued at $12,000,000.

Anne McGrath denies that she is currently a communist.

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