'Compromised and corrupted': Ontario Party candidate calls out PC Party ahead of provincial election

Vanessa Head is running for MPP in the riding of Northumberland-Peterborough-South for the Ontario Party.

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As the June 2nd Ontario provincial election nears closer, local candidate for the Ontario Party races to the finish line.

Vanessa Head is running for MPP in the riding of Northumberland-Peterborough-South.

Born from a passion to get involved, Head calls herself a “regular Jane citizen” who did not like what she saw in terms of the “abuse of our government on our rights.” She aims to humbly represent citizens. “The Conservative Party has been infiltrated and compromised to no longer reflect the value of true conservatives. We’ve had established politicians at the helm long enough and they no longer serve the citizens of this province.”

Campaigning on the “Faith, Freedom and Family” platform of the Ontario Party, Head says the country has become unrecognizable. She condemns the trampling of our rights, our freedom and our faith.

On the topic of the education system, Head thinks ideology should come from families first and that public education money should follow the child instead of the system if they choose a non-publicly funded school.

Event attendees liked what Head had to say. They appreciated knowing that there was more in the mix than the ‘big four’ political parties. Between the Ontario Party and New Blue, one candidate “hopes that there will be enough people in the legislature to speak against things that are abusive and wrong on part of the Government.”

Head looked forward to kicking off the last week of her election campaign and hopes to see more balanced representation in the legislature after the election.

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