Cops called on Rebel News during No Vaccine Passport petition drop off in Alberta

Security at Health Minister Tyler Shandro's office called police on Adam Soos when he was trying to deliver the 130,000+ signatures on our No Vaccine Passport petition to the MLA's office.

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Over 134,000 concerned Canadians have signed our petition opposing vaccine passports. With the recent news of a “restriction exemption program,” which is government speak for a vaccine passport, announced by Alberta Health Minister Tyler Shandro and Premier Jason Kenney, there was no better time to deliver this petition to the officials implementing these troubling and discriminatory policies.

We first headed to the constituency office of Tyler Shandro. Unfortunately his office was apparently closed... just one day after announcing a vaccine passport. We were speaking with a helpful security guard to see if there was a drop off location or mail room where the petition could be left, when another incredibly aggressive guard approached and told the other guard to call 911. He then proceeded to frantically insist that we leave, not allowing us to ask a single question or seek clarification. He also refused to show us his identification as a security guard. The guard followed us outside and told us we had to leave, even though we were paying patrons of the parking facility. Despite being off the property within minutes of security asking us to leave and giving every indication that we would comply, this disjointed security guard called 911 immediately upon seeing us and would not answer a single question from us.

I am an accredited independent journalist — this security guard immediately knew who I was — and we were delivering a petition to a politician in office. We were even wearing masks to ensure they wouldn’t use that as an excuse to not let us deliver this document. This could not have been handled in a more above board fashion, and yet the police were called. If they are willing to treat me like this, how do you suspect they will treat concerned citizens when they speak up?

After this bizarre interaction, we proceeded to the McDougall Centre, the government of Alberta’s office building in Calgary. There, sheriffs and security guards were polite and took the petition, ensuring it would be delivered without incident. It was refreshing to be treated reasonably by the folks at McDougall Centre, but the fact is, we should never have been chased out of Tyler Shandro’s office complex in the first place. It was entirely unacceptable.

Canadians should not be discriminated against for their medical history. If you agree, go to to sign our petition and to donate to our legal battle against vaccine passports.

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  • By Rebel News

PETITION: No Vaccine Passports

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Goal: 2,250,000 Signatures

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  • By Ezra Levant

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