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Corduroy restaurant and Rebel News team up to take on unfair B.C. restrictions on indoor dining

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Rebecca Matthews and her husband are the owners of one of two small restaurants that were issued closure notices for remaining open for indoor dining, after the B.C. government used their sweeping powers to forbid all restaurants from doing so.

However, Matthews’ story does not end with her business and liquor licenses being temporarily suspended until she is forced into compliance. The mother of four wants accountability from the province, and answers, as to why her restaurant Corduroy, which has no space for a patio, is being handicapped by the public health office on what seems like a whim. We at Rebel News are helping Matthews fight to get those answers.

Through our Fight the Fines charity, we’ve hired Matthews a top-notch B.C. based lawyer named Bruce Hallsor, at no cost to her family. Hallsor is preparing a legal challenge that will force the government to give some answers regarding their crippling restrictions on the restaurant industry. If we win, it will also hopefully give Matthews and other B.C. restaurants who would like to join our challenge some much needed compensation.

We ask that you help us afford this costly challenge, as well as continue to offer free legal counsel to hundreds of Canadians who have fallen victim to tyrannical COVID-19 restrictions, by donating whatever you can at

Click here to watch both Rebecca Matthews and her lawyer Bruce Hallsor tell you why this challenge is important.

If you are a restaurant owner in B.C. who has fallen into hardships due to the orders of the province's public health office, and you would like to join this fight, please email me at [email protected].

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