CORONAVIRUS FOREVER: When will our Canada return to normal?

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Now that the goal posts have been shifted from #FlattenTheCurve to “a careful balance to keep the infection rate low”, will the government narrative (backed up by the mainstream media) change from CASES! CASES! CASES! to something else?

Ontario’s Associate Chief Medical Officer of Health, Barbara Yaffe, recently released a study stating that a positive result is actually a false positive “almost half” of the time. 

Or, as the CBC reports, the Ontario study:

...suggests that the number of people who have been infected by COVID-19 in the province has been a tiny fraction of its total population.

So if the false positives account for nearly half of all cases, surely the recent study released by Public Health Ontario could provide some more concrete answers?

False COVID-19 Positives In Ontario Study

In this study, the number of people tested compared with the number of those found to have COVID-19 antibodies were minuscule:

The most vulnerable population, 60+, 22 males out of 1,054 had positive results compared to 12 out of 984 of women. That’s 2% and 1.2% respectively, with an overall average of 1.6% with positive result.

Throughout the study, the authors keep using the words suggested, assumed and possible… but it stands to reason that if this virus is so contagious and deadly, surely the number of deaths would speak for themselves?

Except that they don’t.

Toronto's COVID-19 Death Statistics

Toronto Public Health tweets:

Is Ontario’s Wuhan Flu hot spot really falsifying data, while the initial projections and modeling shown, in real time, to be hugely inflated and inaccurate?

The curve is flat. Hospitals are empty.

If Toronto Public Health needs to skew stats while Public Health Ontario puts out junky, flip-floppy science… are we even in a real pandemic?

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