Cottage country traffic jampacked ahead of Victoria Day long weekend

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The northbound lanes on Highway 400 somewhat resembled a parking lot on Friday afternoon.

The 400 is the major conduit for those living in the Greater Toronto Area to get out of the concrete jungle and head to such cottage country utopias such as Muskoka and Haliburton and Georgian Bay.

All of which is de rigueur during normal times, but in this day and age of the pandemic, aren’t Ontarians under a stay-at-home order?

Aren’t they supposed to stay in their own region?

Aren’t they supposed to avoid any ‘unessential’ travel?

Well yes, yes, and yes — but as Friday’s mass exodus out of Hogtown indicated, the natives are beyond restless.

They have had enough of being cooped up in their houses and condo towers. And so it was that they collectively set the GPS for fun in the sun up north.

People want to enjoy life after being locked-down for 14 months. (And this lockdown was originally supposed to last two weeks, recall!) So, can you blame them for their mass display of social disobedience by making a beeline to cottage country?

We sure don’t. Actually, we applaud it.

So, Premier Ford, by all means, you can remain cowering in the basement baking cherry cheesecake this weekend.

As for your ‘subjects,’ they’ll be swimming and waterskiing and gathering around bonfires and setting off fireworks. With their collective embrace of the pursuit of happiness, the underlying message is the virus is over and that the emperor has no clothes.

Indeed, Ontarians have voted with their vehicles; in fact, from certain vantage points, that jammed Hwy. 400 on Friday looked like a gigantic raised middle finger — hopefully it was visible from Queen’s Park...

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