Could naturopaths help tackle doctor shortages?

Rebel News reporter Adam Soos speaks with Dr. Rob Roth, President of the College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta.

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Dr. Rob Roth, President of the College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta, who previously joined us to discuss the Liberal government's attacks on natural health products, recently met with Alberta Minister of Health Adrianna LaGrange to discuss the role naturopathic doctors can play in primary care for patients.

We started our discussion by tackling a concerning trend of disinformation being driven, frequently by the left, over the last few years. Since the onset of COVID-19, there has been an odd shift that has seen the many of the Liberal/NDP voting crowd wholeheartedly embrace Big Pharma and reject any semblance of wholistic or natural medicine.

These are the folks who rejected the self-evident ideas that exercise, sunlight, and vitamin D might reduce severity of outcomes from novel coronavirus, while insisting that an untested vaccine was safe and effective. Many of them were also likely ardent supporters of naturopathy until the government told them not to be.

Moderates and conservatives alike on the other hand, after considering the evidence and understanding that the pharmaceutical industry may not always, if ever, have your best interest at heart, have seemingly broadened their horizons when it comes to wholistic healthcare and progressives really can’t stand it.

Some took to social media to deride Minister LaGrange and naturopathic doctors at large with baseless attacks, including suggesting that naturopathic doctors are not real doctors and that they peddle pseudoscience.

So, we asked Dr. Roth about the qualifications required to be a naturopathic doctor, if they really are doctors and whether they always reject conventional medicine in favour of alternative treatments to see if there is any truth to the claims being made by their critics.

Upon debunking the once again misinformed “trust-the science” progressives, we moved on to discussing the impact that Alberta’s 300+ naturopaths can play in serving as primary care practitioners, tackling doctor shortages, and increasing choice in healthcare, all while saving taxpayers money.

We also discussed the need for red-tape reduction to bring Alberta up to par with other provinces in allowing naturopathic doctors to prescribe medicine and to refer patients for bloodwork, x-rays and other essential services instead of involving another doctor visit in the process. This could expedite the process and free the superfluous appointments for folks who really need them.

We also looked at the stark contrast between the pragmatic UCP government's willingness to collaborate with naturopaths to improve healthcare access and Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government's attacks on natural healthcare.

We discussed how this new direction is a refreshing shift from the conventional approach to healthcare governments have taken, which has been to do the same thing over and over and expect different outcomes.

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